Broken-Herringbone blocks by Skynme


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This is my practice block for the broken-herringbone. No, I am NOT using these colors, I just wanted to use scraps in case I messed up. I have never done 45 degree angles before so this was weird for me.
Red block is done- I ordered the small bundle from The Intrepid thread for the quilt along and then substituted/added some of my stash to make it "mine". My daughter helped pick out some of the fabric that she liked for each color.
Pink and orange block complete had to do the pink one twice, somehow I didn't center the other block correctly. Second pink block turned out fine. 1/3 of blocks done for this month, DH says now its time to stop and hang out with him for the day...but Football is on tomorrow so I am going to try again :D

T Way behind on the QAL; and everything else. Knocked out 3 blocks today( turquoise, yellow, and green). Still have the dark blue and purple block plus still don't know what to do for the last color. Thinking either a light blue or maybe a Magenta block. Need to go to the quilt store tomorrow. Computer died on me so wil be doing everything from my phone for awhile. Finished the purple and blue block...need help choosing the last color. Any suggestions?


Thanks for everyone's help, I ended up doing a light blue/grey block since I had my beautiful Madrona road fabric. I think it looks pretty good together, now to sash, baste, and bind oh my.



All together
Lt Blue block
Dark blue block
purple block
Turquoise block
Yellow block
Green block
Lt Orange block
Pink block
Practice block





Looks like you might have it mastered.


and I was just about to comment you on the colours .. now I read they aren't the ones you are going to use.
Well they were so completely different from mine - but they do have something...


Your 'practice' looks amazing! Definitely looks like you have it down. :)


Wow this is gorgeous love colors and block...what colors are you going to use?


AllPatchedUp Chriservin Thanks ladies but its kind of tricky for my little brain. I accidentally cut off the wrong corner of my red block and had to fix it. LOL
True Strandkorbtraum I just wanted some scrap fabric that I didn't really care for to practice with, but I needed a contrast to see how it went together. Each block will be a different color (Red, Orange, Pink, Yellow, Green, Navy, Turquoise, and Purple.) There is also supposed to be a blue block, but it seems like a lot of blue. I might add another color in its place. I got a bundle from Intrepid thread, but I am adding fabrics from my stash as well to make it different than anyone else who may have gotten the same bundle.


Skynme Forgot you got the bundle...duh!! Long day so my brain is fried. You sure have this down...and I hear you on wrapping your brain around things sometimes mine just takes forever to "get it"!


Love it & I love your practice one too. I would really like to do this QAL but I know it's more than I can handle right now so I'll just stalk others ;)


HawkFan I'm behind as well. I have a ton of WIP's, plus need to do the blocks for September Queen. DH just returned from 7 month deployment, DD just turned 15 yesterday and got her braces off...I think I love to torture myself with tons of projects and stress LOL. The plan is to use the scraps from this rainbow quilt to do the monochromatic blocks for Queen. She might just get a whole rainbow of blocks LOL.


True LOL oh don't worry I don't have it, I have to keep my cell phone near me so I can read each step of the directions and look at the pictures.


These are all looking gorgeous!


I am curious at to whether you actually make the block with the shapes, or if you are using strips and then trim off all the little triangles from the edges. (Did that make sense?)


Dzirin you sew sets of (2) 21/2 " strips and a center 1" strip together. In my blocks I am using 6 different color fabrics and 3 white 1" strips then you cut them at 45 degree angles and sew them together. I put the link to the tutorial in the MSBHQAL group if you want to check it out


HawkFan thanks I'm pretty happy with them so far just need to figure out what color my last block should be


Just saw your practice block on Molli's blog - congrats!!


I saw that this morning my pink block was on there also. Lol the practice block reminds me of a clown


I didn't look that closely at the other blocks, I just immediately recognized your practice block. Nice getting props for TWO of your blocks!


Just love these blocks!


Love them! You should do a nice soft grey block.


Grey, or dark green or light blue. It's a really great quilt!


I'd say white and beiges, but very light. Love this block, have to try it in another lifetime, after I've finished everything else...... ;-)


Thanks ladies! Lots of great inputs Hubby thought maybe a dark green, daughter wanted to see a grey, brown or light blue. I didn't want to do grey for a baby quilt, although I think any color would work for this block and look amazing. I broke down and used my Madrona road to make a light blue/grey block. Thanks for everyone's help now I can finally sleep at night LOL.


Beautiful blocks & I'm glad you decided what to do for the last one. You are seriously making me wish I had time to do this QAL!


Wow all together these are so beautiful! Is there sashing involved in final quilt?


I love all these colors together, just so pretty.


These are so so beautiful! I love the colors.


Amanda Quilt455 True HawkFan thanks ladies! I love the blocks happy I didn't try to do a full quilt though. Definately want to do this block again with other fabric when I have time. True- there will be sashing and a boarder when it's done.


Wow, these are stunning. They look so complicated. Love the colours


For me the angle was difficult to wrap my head around. I had to follow every step for every block. Once you get how they go together it's pretty simple.


Skynme , it's all been said above so I'll just say I LOVE the blocks and didn't see one that I wouldn't want in a quilt! Gorgeous!!!! Way to go, girl!

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