Finn's Monster Madness Quilt by Kathie


Monster madness
Constructing Top


I bought the pattern for this quilt quite a few months ago . . . actually six months before my new little grandson was born and he's now 3 1/2 months old!! I've had the fabric for several months also . . . Yikes! So this is now officially on my UFO list that I really want to finish before Christmas.

I love Bunny Hill Designs and this quilt will be a step up on challenges for me.  It includes flying geese, circles, embroidery and applique as well as trying to mix tones of fabric. I am still auditioning various fabrics for the monsters but overall I think I have most of the fabrics chosen (I didn't realize there were so many DIFFERENT types of gray). I have chosen a coordinating blue minky for the backing but have not completely decided on my binding yet.

I've started out with making 60 flying geese. That got a little boring so then I traced all my applique patterns which got boring so now I'm back to sewing flying geese.

Sept. 17th: All my flying geese are sewn and three panels are completed. Whew! That was a lot of matching seams :smile:! Now I'm checking out tutorials on various ways to applique to figure out the quickest but best looking method . . .


Flying geese, pinwheels & cornerstones
Three panels completed
Fabrics chosen, labeled and ready to cut
Cutting has begun . . . applique patterns copied
Making 60 flying geese!
Closeup of flying geese and back





This is so cute and I love your fabrics.


This is adorable! I can't wait to see how it comes together. Also, that is one of the things I love about quilting. There are so many steps involved that if you get bored just switch it up and come back to it later.


Thank you HawkFan !

Thank you cally68 and you are right, I switch up not only sections of projects but the actual projects when it gets to be a little tedious smile !

I'm looking forward to seeing how it comes together also.


I love all your quilts...this one is going to be darling! Great fabrics. Have fun!


Laweigel Thank you, what an encouraging compliment. I wasn't real sure about these fabrics but it seems to be coming together nicely. Now to convince my son & daughter-in-law that the room doesn't HAVE to match the quilt smile !


Love this quilt and your fabrics are wonderful. And so agree switching around what you do so helps. In case you decide to machine applique here is something I pinned around tips that I found helpful.


True Thank you! I'll check this one out today . . .


Kathie Oh, convince them to match the room with your quilt...would be so darling...white furniture and grays & that pop of blue! I have been asked to make a bassinet sheet and have been googling making your own crib sheets, etc. and it seems really easy! Just think of crib sheets in some of your blue fabrics! A crib sheet in that blue ticking-sooo cute with your quilt!


I love everything Bunnyhill! Such an adorable quilt and looks like a lot of fun to make. My favorite applique method is done with freezer-paper.


This is soooo adorable and OMG the fabrics are beautiful. It's looking great. Hurry and finish! I can't wait. :)


Thank you Sewzalot and Damnskippy ! I'm looking forward to how the monsters turn out and am now deciding which fabrics to use for each monster. I've moved my self imposed deadline up from Christmas to mid Oct since I'll be seeing little cuddly Finn then.

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