Hive #4 - October Queen - Scrappy String Star by Capetowngirl


Scrappy string star


13 January 2015 - Just to let all my hive mates know that this year is my year to complete all my UFO's. This one didn't come together as quickly as I'd have liked as some of the blocks were slightly smaller and have had to adjust sashing accordingly. And what I thought would be a quick job wasn't. So watch this space....

This block incorporates so many of what I love at the moment; scrappy, string, chevrons, stars - all beautifully combined into one block. I have changed my mind so many times over the last months. Every month someone comes up with a stunning block, and as I make it for them I wonder if this will be the block I choose. But recently I have kept coming back to the stringy block and when I saw this particular one I fell in love. 

For this block you need 4 x 5" square pieces of paper, and 4 x 4" x 5" pieces of paper. Draw a diagonal line from corner to corner of your squares and follow the instructions on the following tutorial for doing the rectangle shapes.
Making scrappy Chevrons Tutorial

Block of Strings Tutorial -  (this tutorial is purely to show you how to create the blocks. Please ignore the white strip in the centre, as the white will be in the star)

These blocks are made by sewing your fabric together using the paper as a base. This way you end up with 4,  5" squares and 8, 2" x 5" rectangles. These blocks can be made with any scrappy bits of fabric - I used a range of fabrics from 1" - 2" and also selvage. In the chevron tutorial there is a guide to using selvage, so if you want to use it that would be great. Once you have made your string blocks then the putting it all together and creating a star are in the main tutorial. One thing I would suggest is that you use a small stitch when joining the strips as this makes the removal of the paper so much easier. I have tried to photograph each stage so you can see quickly how it is done. 

Inspiration: Some pictures I have put on Pinterest -

Colours - anything goes really. Vibrant prints, solids if you want to pop them in and I used Kona white for the star, but of course any solid bright white would be fine. Please use from your scraps. I have been lucky enough to raid a friends scrap pile as well to make some more blocks. 

I have a further request and this you can ignore if you want or don't have the time. I would like a small signature block to incorporate on the back of my quilt. The tutorial can be found here. If you do choose to do it, I would like you to use your favourite colours/fabric, so it represents you.


30 October - Terryt1955 - 

2 November - Drnic2c - 

6 November - received a block from Sue ( Sewhappy), at quilting. She is not in this hive but made me a block any way :)

8 November - Terrysim - received a siggy block too. 

15 November - Curt - received with siggy block
Received a block from my mom in South Africa

16 November - Cinda, with siggy block

20 November 2013 - 2 more beautiful blocks have arrived. Thank you Patty and Sylvia


16 November - all the blocks so far
Block #1 from Terry (Terryt1955)
Block #2 from Nicole (Drnic2c)
Block #3 from Sewhappy
Block #4 from Terry (Terrysim)
Block #5 from my Mum
Block #6 from Riain (Missriain)
Block #7 from Robynn
Block #8 from Cinda (sewbusy64)
Block #9 from Curt
Block #10 from Patty (Kruppcake)
Block #11 from Sylvia (Slicksister)
Chevrons, Stars and Strings
Paper templates
Templates lined up
First 2 strips ready to sew
Before papers removed





Looks fabulous Candice, think I will make one for you even if I'm not part of your hive :-)


Wow, Candice, this is going to be so much fun! I love learning new techniques and I have never done any string blocks before, so I am really looking forward to playing with this. Thanks for all the great tutorials and inspiration photos. You've done all the work, so now sit back and enjoy being a Queen! wink


Wow!! I love this. String quilts are one of my favorites... and then you add a star to the mix! Wonderful.


Sewhappy Thank you so much Sue - that would be fabulous. I'll have a quilt made by friends from both near and far.


Stamdl Terrysim Thank you both so much.


I love this variation of the scrappy string block! I'm going to have to try this.


Wow - that is amazing. I love the salvage adds. Very colorful and creative block~!


Candice, I have your block all ready for the mail but I just have to ask: Did you get a bit of a lump where the side rectangular chevrons join with the center white block? I did everything I could to tame that lump - pressed seams open, steamed, starched, etc. - but it is still there and it's bugging me! If you have any tips please let me know!


Terrysim unfortunately yes. On one of my sides I ended up with a lump and no matter how I ironed it is still there. The other side was fine? So please don't worry about it as I am sure it will be okay. And thank you. Looking forward to seeing your block.


OK, thanks for the reassurance. I have the block under my cutting mat now, hoping it will flatten out a bit! I hope that when you quilt it all the bumpy [laces will get smoothed out. I'll take a photo and get it in the mail soon!


This block may be in my very near future. Love it!


I love the scrappiness of this. May have to make one soon!


I just love the block!


twistedandloose thank you


honeybee Phew! Made it there by the deadline!


Terryt your block is gorgeous. Wow I love that. Sure looks tedious!! Very nice.


Yeah! So glad it got there safe and sound. Enjoy!!!


These are all so interesting. You will have a great quilt when it is done.


I love, love this block. But I am confused. Does it not matter which way strips are going? Some blocks angle in towards center...others are opposite..? Just love the colors in these blocks!


Conniharns I did my blocks with the chevrons pointing into the star, but the tutorial was pointing outwards, and I forgot to mention this to my hive. So I have a selection of both


They all look fantastic together. What a lovely quilt you will have


Beautiful block! I love 'stringy blocks'. Hope I can work one of these in my near future! Will love seeing the completed block!


WOW!! This is going to be beautifully colorful. I'm loving it!!!


Ooooh, I love seeing them as a group. Absolutely terrific!!!

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