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Frugal sister
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Trying to reform in my old age and am trying to sew up the UFOS that have been sitting in a pile for many years. In this case, we have a 1998 Sisters Choice block in shades of purple from an online swap group I was a member of at the time. This year I am Queen Bee in the Bee Biased group for November. I am choosing the group to make a Frugal Patch block which I plan to marry up with my Sisters Choice block, hence the name of my quilt "Frugal Sister".

I will have enough blocks from both swaps to do a queen size quilt with a pillow tuck that has 3-4 blocks on it, I am making at least 2 of the Frugals myself.

I was using EQ7 to lay out the design and when I set them block to block they just sat there...then I wondered about an on point set..and VOILA! Its a quilt project! 

NOTE: The border in the mock up is much larger than it will be in real life. For some reason, you cant change the size on a border setting on point in EQ7, it automatically defaults to 19inches! Strange....I will be having  around a 10 in border on 3 sides with 18 at the top to accomodate the pillow tuck.

I found the Frugal Patch block on Marcia Hohns site Quilters Cache. d


My Sample Block
Frugal Sister Original Design
Frugal Patch Block
Sisters Choice Blocks from 1990s swap
w/Hive blocks
Leonies block
Marshas #1
Margarets Block 4
Rosemarys Block
Loris Block
Margaret #1
Cynthias Block
Chandras block1
Chandras #2
Marys block
Rebeccas block





I love your combining of the two blocks. Besides liking the effect, I like that it becomes a queen without your adding a lot of blocks.

It is amazing what changing to on-point setting does for a design! The frugal blocks will liven up the sister's choice blocks for a lovely queen quilt.


Thanks Claire, I think so as well. When I first started playing with the design in EQ, I was doing a block to block set which I didnt like at all, the diagonal setting just made it bloom!


I love what you have come up with...


True Thanks Mary, I just cant wait til I see what everyone comes up with. Did you get your quilt done yet?


Jodyrose No it is in line behind Christmas gifts...:-(


True Sorry Mary! Well, at least I have a good excuse to not finish mine before Christmas..LOL I have so many other projects to catch up on, this one will definitely be a 2014 gitterdone!


Looking good!


This looks like a fun scrappy quilt, I'm glad you got my blocks!


Chandra thanks! yes and the little bits of extra pieces will work in nicely. I am thinking of putting a small 2-3 inch solid or tot border around the Frugals in the center to separate them from the Sister blocks. To me it looks a little too scrappy as it is, needs some definition.

You can download the project as JSON data.Download JSON