Elephant baby quilt by Tenar




I am in the throes of making a baby quilt for a friend.  It will be 36" x 52", backed with a Valori Wells flannel in a gorgeous elephant print.  The design will be fairly Indian in style, and the quilting involves traditional Indian and Welsh textile motifs (yes, they overlap), done with perle #8 cotton in a dark cream.  I was inspired by the large quilt hanging on the wall at my local Indian restaurant, which you can see in the pictures. 

Update 16/04/14: choosing fabrics took me a long time, probably because I had just met my partner and my mind was on other matters!  It benefited from being taken slowly, and I'm really delighted with how the fabrics came together.  It's the most sophisticated use of colour I've achieved so far as a quilter.  The piecing was pretty straightforward, with a few awkward bits, and I'm now about halfway through quilting it.  It's taking a while as I keep having trouble with RSI.


Why do cats try to leap onto your lap when you're quilting?
Piecing done
Pieces cut but not yet sewn
Backing fabric and sample fabrics for top
Sample layout 1
Sample layout 2
Sample layout 3
Sample layout 4
Piecing plan
Sketch for quilting
Quilt at my local Indian restaurant - for inspiration only. Not the pattern I'll be using.





Love your design and fabrics. What a great use or my favorite elephant print fabric...will be gorgeous.


I was trying to remember whose quilt it was that inspired me! https://www.threadbias.com/projects/the-elephant-in-the-room for anyone who wants to hop over and have a look, and I suggest you do, as True's quilt is really lovely. Let's see, yours is quite a lot lighter and brighter than mine, isn't it. It's a very adaptable fabric. I really love the way that someone makes a quilt with it, and then someone else falls in love with the fabric and goes off and makes a quilt, and then a third quilter does the same, and it seems to just keep going.


I love this elephant material! I just had to buy some after seeing True 's quilt but I've yet to cut into it. And now that it is available in flannel is even better. Perfect for a baby quilt! Your piecing design looks like it's going to be spectacular!


Look at all of those pieces - how small will the smallest one be? It's a beautiful design


What are you plotting to do with yours?

Does anyone have any opinions on fabrics, by the way? In particular, the triangles that go next to the green diamonds along the sides? Bear in mind that there will be two more rows of borders in brickwork style, and I'm thinking of starting on those to give me some idea of what will work.


HawkFan - if you look at my sketch, the pieces are actually quite large. The scale on the sketch is 1" per square.


I so agree this fabric allows you to go in so many directions as the colors offer so many options. Thanks for the kind comments about my quilt...I was using it yesterday as I read as it was cold and damp here. I also love the fabric I used for the back of my quilt which is from same collection. I think you really pick up the richness of the colors with your choices.


This is so gorgeous I just love the rich colors. I love both quilting options and do not think you can go wrong as they are both lovely.


Beautiful pieced top. I'm with True - either one would be fine. The left side does follow more with the other quilting designs - loops and swirls - which may be why you're leaning towards that option. Both options bring in elements from the center quilting but I think you've got more of the left side motif in the center quilting


Actually, I'm leaning towards it mainly because I think it'll be easier to mark up and won't take as long to sew! Also having a straight line down the middle of the navy border strip doesn't seem that great, design-wise.


The one on the left has that lovely opulent swirliness that characterizes Indian textile designs. That's my pick.


It looks a bit denser than the rest of the quilting, although weirdly I do think it'll be less work. I was round at a friend's recently, and noticed that with their rugs, the border was more densely patterned, and it looked fine.


Tor taking pictures, go outside, natural light always makes pictures so much better ... take a quiltholder (husband, son, neighbour will do) with you or big clamps or cloth pins then if you want to tack it to a high fence or an outdoor cloth line ...
Else a nice piece of green grass - maybe not in the direct sun ... drape it over a chair or a bench outside ... of course do a roll-up shot .. hmmm that's all I can think of.
and of course, take a lot of pictures, and if oyu are not sure about camera settings like exposure time, maybe some outdoor/indoor automatic settings .. play around and take pictures with different settings.


I like to photograph close to a window with sunlight so I get the light from the window to show off the quilting details


We did a photo shoot yesterday, when it was mainly cloudy. Actually, I suspect direct sunlight might wash out some of the details. The ones on a clothes line in the communal back area turned out quite well, and I have a few nice ones of my partner holding it and then myself holding it. Thanks for the advice, folks!

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