My Circle Swaps 1 and 2 by Quilterinmotion


In Progress


I loved the progressive swap held for Circle Blocks.  I participated in Circle Swap 1 this summer (2013) and even have my grandson help by drawing the circle templates for me using his then recently learned skills with protractor and compass.  He enjoyed making them and seeing what I did with them.  It never hurts to show a child a use for those math skills in real life.  Don't you rememer saying, "I'll never is this once I get out of school."

When the suggestion for Circle Blocks Swap 2 came right after we had all received our blocks I knew I wanted to add even more variety to my collection so I signed up again.

The photos are mostly from Circle Swap 1 but when I get the rest from Circle Swap 2, I'll be adding them.  I only took one photo of the circle blocks I sent for Swap #2.  What was I thinking?


Outgoing blocks for Swap #2
Jack's circle templates
My circle block #1
My circle block #2
My circle block #3
My circle block #4
The stack for Swap #1
My circle blocks mixed
Another mix of my blocks
Swap #1 Received
Mix and Match from those received #1
Another Swap #1 received mix
Order from Chaos Quilt




Looking great Marsha- reminds me to take a photo of mine before I send them off tomorrow!


Love your fabric combos!


Love your circles, Marsha. Makes me want to do the swap, but I just can't right now. Too much on my plate for now. Maybe next time! By the way, I read about your rotary cutter accident. Hope you are okay! Makes my hand hurt in empathy for you. I should wear a glove....but I don't.


Rebeccajeffsmith , if you were looking at the 5-6 month wait to have a normal hand again, you would wear a glove! I was hurrying one evening and really moving that rotary cutter down the ruler edge when it "jumped" the ruler and even though I could see what was going to happen, I couldn't stop it. It took a big slice of my forefinger and the pad of the finger. No stitching for that type of laceration so it must heal from the inside out; long slow process but it will be completely healed, but flatter than normal, one day. Thanks, I'mm on the mend just impatient to get back to cutting. I can stitch but cutting is difficult so I have to ask for help which I hate to do!


Oh, Marcia, I am so sorry!!!! I had a run-in with a table saw about 15 years ago. I'm lucky to still have all my fingers, albeit a few of them shorter than normal. So, I do know exactly what you are talking about. I was nearly a year in healing time, needing to have surgery 3 times on one finger before the whole process was finished. I am praying that you heal quickly with minimal pain. And I will get my glove out and wear it. Promise.


Rebeccajeffsmith . Ooooh. Sorry to hear of your experience! I've been lucky with power tools and never had an injury when we had our own wood-working business or in our Habitat for Humanity building years. BUT one never knows when it will happen so I'm happy you are going to wear your glove. I promise not to harp on it; it's just VERY fresh in my mind at the moment!


Love yours!


Quilterinmotion sorry to hear this- hoping the healing goes well and minimal pain:(

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