Mug Rug-Nerd style by HawkFan




I'm participating in a Fall Mug Rug swap and here is the first of two I'm making for my swap partner. We don't have to stick to the fall theme and she likes bright colors and art quilts. I was browsing for ideas and came across something that made me think "bar code". Somehow in my nerdy engineer brain, that quickly translated to "Morse Code" which I knew at one time (from my Girl Scout days). My partner's name is a short name so I decided to make a Morse Code rug of her name in rainbow colors. I didn't want to applique circles (dots) so I used 1-inch squares for the "dots" and 1x2-inch rectangles for the "dashes". There's a blank line between her first and middle names. I used text fabric because the squares and rectangles represent letters and of course I used polka dot fabric for the binding so I could have some actual dots on the fabric

I'm ambivalent about it. I really like the idea because I think it represents both me and my swap partner. I'm just not thrilled with the execution. I auditioned lots of fabrics for the background and felt this was the best but I'm not sure how successful it is. Stay tuned for the second one...

Oct 13, 2013 - finished the second one. My partner loves to garden and loves flowers. Since this is a fall mug rug swap, I went with flowers in fall colors. I saw some flower buttons in a LQS and thought they'd be a special touch. Hope she likes them. We don't ship them off for another couple of weeks.

Oct 31, 2013 - Happy Halloween to me - my rug mugs arrived from my swap partner. She made the bigger pieces of fabric using leaves, ferns, flowers, etc that she has collected and pressed and it's beautiful. The pictures don't do it justice. She included an extra treat - a votive mat and I love the little triangles that open up to hold the votive holder. I got a great swap partner and she has now joined TB - her name is +Ermamae (if you know morse code, you already figured that out :wink: )


Second mug rug
Morse Code name mug rug
back of morse code mug rug
Mug rugs from my swap partner
closeup of one of the fabrics she made
Votive mat
votive mat with votive holder





Perfect! Yes, it is a good match and certainly one of a kind.


I love it!!


Charwirfs - I hope she likes it - it is very personalized!


Thanks ArloDeanQuilts - I was kind of proud of my idea just not sure about the execution but overall I'm happy with it.


I love your creativity! And really love the flower one so cool how did you do petals?


True - I forgot to include the tutorial link so I've fixed that now. They're actually pretty easy to do.


These are so cool- I think I'd put the second one on a wall- but wouldn't put a cup of coffee on it ever! and the first one is so clever - love the front and the back!


Mymble - someone else commented it was more of a wall hanging. I went the other extreme since the first one was so simple.


HawkFan Love your dimensional flowers!


Thanks jansquilting - it was a new technique for me so I'm happy it turned out well.


How fun and clever! I also love those pretty flowers.


Whatthebobbin Thanks Amanda - I don't consider myself to be very creative so I was kinda proud of the Morse Code idea.


Great mug rugs!


Thanks Kathie - I'll ship it soon so will see how my partner likes them


I absolutely loved my mug-rugs! She is extremely creative! I hope she likes what I sent her. I was going to do some 3-D work but didn't think I was allowed. Someday, maybe, I will follow MY OWN INSTINCTS! I used a new technique in making hers so hopefully she will like them.


ErmaMae - yours are great - so creative with the leaves and plants. I love them!!

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