Celebration Medallion Quilt by Caribousmom


Celebration medallion quilt


I feel immensely lucky to have my friend, Carol, in my life. We met two decades ago when I was living in Marin County, California and our friendship has never wavered in all those years. We've laughed, celebrated, cried and commiserated together. We share a profound love of animals (for a long time Caribou and Argus, and Carol's dogs, Sarah and Kodi, were the best of friends too). We have a friendship filled with honesty and love which has stood the test of time.

I've been wanting to make Carol and her husband Gregg a quilt for some time now. Several months ago, I finally settled on some fabric by Bonnie and Camille (mostly from their Vintage Modern Collection - but also a couple of other lines in there too) and found the perfect pattern for it. The solids are Bella Unbleached White and Kona Coral.

I selected a medallion quilt pattern for Carol and Gregg which is a modernized interpretation of a traditional design and uses a Jelly Roll of fabric along with solid yardage.

The pattern I used comes from the fabulous book: Antique to Heirloom Jelly Roll Quilts by Pam and Nicky Lintott.

This is one of the more challenging quilts I have constructed. Medallion quilts require very precise piecing and cutting in order to have everything line up. I made some minor changes to the pattern to fix some cutting errors on my part - but if you think I'm going to tell you what they are, forget it! I ended up adding on two more borders to make this quilt large enough to fit on Carol and Gregg's bed (the outside white and coral solid borders are my additions). I also cut the pretty turquoise print fabric an inch wider than the pattern called for.

The quilt measures a generous 96" X 96".

I pieced the back - making "piano keys" with some left over jelly roll strips so that when the top is folded down, there is a nice design. The rest of the back uses a large piece of fabric from Bonnie and Camille's collection Scrumptious.

Quilting this monster took some time and I did it on my home machine. I used Tuscany Cotton batting which is lighter weight than other 100% cotton battings, and makes it a lot easier to quilt such large quilt. I did a meandering stipple pattern throughout the quilt.

The binding is a sweet peachy-pink fabric from the Snippets collection by American Jane (Sandy Klop) for Moda.

I made a label using my special settings on the sewing machine (first time doing that - but it won't be the last!!).

This was hard to photograph because it was so big. Although the photo of the front makes it look crooked...it is actually pretty square (I had to hang it from my porch and so there are some ripples because of how it was hung).

I am hoping to get down to see Carol and Gregg in the next month to give them their quilt - they haven't seen it yet and I thought it was probably safe to post it here as I don't think either one come over to Threadbias! So it should be a surprise!!!

Update February 23, 2014: Just got home from our trip to Carol and Gregg's house (it is just happened to work out that this was Carol's birthday weekend, too!). I've added some photos of their reaction and also of the quilt on their bed :)


Me and Carol
Gregg, Me and Carol
In Its New Home
draped on swing
back reveal
folded on swing
folded on rail
quilt detail
quilt detail
quilting in progress





Drop dead gorgeous...and love all the details you gave! Best part is it celebrates such a loving and wonderful relationship. Truly an amazing job quilting it...it looks so cuddly and warm...they may pass out when you give it to them so be ready to catch them;-). Congrats on this incredible finish.


True Thanks, Mary! This one was a ton of work - but I am very happy with how it turned out and I do hope they love it as there is a lot of love sewn into those seams!


Absolutely gorgeous!! What a special gift for a special friendship. I love that you put in extra details like the piano keys so it looks nice folded over. I never would have thought of that!


Love. Lots of inspiration in there. Be sure to give us the follow up when they see it!


This is beautiful! I love the combinations of colors you chose with the white background. So fun to make something for someone special in your life smile .


Breathtakingly beautiful! I adore everything about this!!! Carol is going to LOVE it!


What a happy-looking quilt! I love the red/turquoise/white combo, it has such a "clean" feeling to it. And high-five for FMQ-ing a quilt that size on your home machine!


What a welcoming and pretty quilt...they will flip over it. I love the extra zip the added coral and white borders give...just right! ...so special!


HawkFan Thanks, Audrey - I forget who gave me the idea to do that, but I now do it on every bed quilt I make :)

Readerowl Thanks Karen! I'll come back and add photos when I give it to them :)

Kathie Thanks, Kathy, it was a lot of fun to make!

Dtscrapper Thanks, Paula! I hope she does!!!

Carolmarie Thanks, Carol - I loved working on this one!

Lara-giles Thanks, Lara! LOL re: the FMQing - this one kind of scared me (it is the biggest I've done on my own), but I was so happy with how it turned out!

Mymble Thanks, Margaret...you know me and red...I couldn't resist that coral border :)


All I can say is this is absolutely beautiful in person. The colors are gorgeous and Wendy did such a great job quilting this. Gosh..drool...drool!!


I am so SAD that this beauty will already be delivered to Carol's before I come up in March. It is drop dead gorgeous in pictures so I can only imagine how beautiful it is in person. Pictures don't do it justice, they never do. And I can never see the quilting in them until I touch it. You did an amazing job both with design and colors. I've seen this pattern in their book but no way did it look like this. Carol & Gregg are one lucky couple and will feel the love for sure!


Oh and I just saw that very pretty label!!!


Conniharns Thanks, darlin'!

Terryt1955 Thank you, Terry! I wish you could see it in person too - but it is going to its new home on February 21. The one in the book is a much mellower version, I think - but you know me, I can't resist a good pop of red!! The label was super FUN to make...don't know why I haven't done that before this!


Really cute quilt! So cheerful. Loved your story, too. Great job quilting it on your home machine!!!!


Did they love it? Cannot wait to hear!


True YES! They loved it! I'll post more photos when I get home :)


Caribousmom applause!!!!!


Thanks for the update pics! Love a good story that has a quilt in it!


Love new photos... Her face as she is opening it is perfect!


Caribousmom So great seeing the photos of their reactions and in its new home- wonderful!


Thanks for sharing the pictures. I especially love the one when she first sees it


Great pictures of the birthday girl. Now all you need is to make a couple of pillows to match that quilt!


What a thoughtful and beautiful gift for your friend. Thanks for sharing!


This is at the top of my all time favorites. You did such a wonderful job on this one. From the fabric to the quilting, it is an "A+".


Readerowl me too :)
True LOL - I love that one!
Mymble There is nothing better than gifting a quilt in person :)
HawkFan LOL - me too, Audrey!
Terryt1955 Ha! I thought of that. Maybe at Christmas :)
Skynme You're welcome - it was a labor of love!
Quilt455 Why thank you, Cathie!!! :)


What a gorgeous quilt! Wow! Thanks for sharing the photos - her reaction was priceless!


Gardencrafter Thank you! It is always so fun to give quilts in person!!!


Wow, what a great quilt. Beautiful colors. Great pattern. What a special gift.


Oh I think the piano key backing was a great idea.


Carolmarie Thanks, Carol! Oh, cannot wait to see what you do with your Vintage Modern quilt!
Seeneed Thanks so much! I love doing that on the top of bed quilts :)

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