Christmas project for mum (and one for me!) by Joke




This is my completed challenge for my mum for Christmas. We were both to make something out of 12 random blocks from Tula Pink's City Sampler. I have no idea what she is making me!! She requested I make her a able topper/runner. In a way I wish I made it long like an actual table runner as it looks more like a baby quilt!

I love how it came out though; it's so scrappy and colourful and Christmas :grin:

I used CHerry Christmas by Aneela Hoey which I've been hoarding all year!


I received my mum's table topper today! She received mine on Monday and loves it. She's taken it to work to show off how clever her daughter is, and she plans on taking it to her MQG meeting on the weekend :grin:

I love the quilting she did on mine -- different in each block, and the embellishments. I love the binding fabric! She sent me a few pieces of left over fabric, but not the binding. I'll have to harrass her for that :wink2:


To me, from my mum!





Love the different blocks and your quilting. She is a lucky Mum!


Thanks True ! I've sent her a couple of sneak peek pictures (in other words, the cats have been laying all over it!!) but I haven't shown her the whole thing yet. She's just going to have to wait! Though I am counting down the days until she finds this site eyes


What a great gift. It's beautiful. I never thought of using cats as camouflage - I'll have to try that some time!


Great job. I am jealous since I had the pattern and fabric for my christmas project since Jan and it still not even cut. Maybe this will motivate me to get it done since I love yours.


It's great- I make this kind of table mat as well- I think of it as a table quilt and they are really great...nice change from a typical runner.


HawkFan , all you need to do is lie your piece on the floor, and it'll be camouflaged in no time wink

Thanks Quilt455 ! A blog that gave me the idea for the square in a square look is what motivated me to get all of these done. I didn't want to lose the idea and I just had to see how it would look!

Mymble , that makes me feel a bit better that it's still "acceptable" haha! As soon as I put it together I was a bit worried about it because it's perfect baby quilt size! (We also specified 'no quilts' in our challenge, so i hope calling it a table topper/runner/mat lets it pass!!).


LOL...well good...I have a bunch of them ans cover dressers, card size and breakfast size tables with you say "other"people do the precedent!


I love this idea--pick your 12 favs and make a table center!!! Great job! Great fabrics! Your mom will be thrilled. I would be!


Oh, they are both so wonderful! What a great idea too!


Love your table runner from your mom too- what a great challenge!


Love your new table topper...that binding fabric is awesome. And of course she took yours in to show it off it is awesome!


What a fun thing to do. I wish I could get my girls more involved in sewing/quilting. I just love this, so pretty fabric. You always have such great colors


Love that binding fabric!!! Cute embellishments and quilting, too, by your mom! So neat you had this exchange! heart


Quilt455 How old are they? Maybe they'll pick it up in their own time! I was 4 or 5 when my mum started quilting and it took 20+ years for me to decide to do it on my own! She's happy that I share this interest with her now, but thinks it's good that I found it on my own (I used to do a lot of other crafty things but never felt comfortable to do quilting until the last few years).

Thanks, Aizome ! This isn't the last time were doing this as we've recently agreed on another one (which I've finished already!!) and I bet we'll end up with another later on too. She loves my work and showing it off to her friends grin


Joke My girls are not girls anymore but grown adults, one has two children, one is about to get married and the other one as a baby on the way. My middle daughter is the "crafty" one and is always making something for her home or friends/family; she has made a couple of quilts but not into it that much. The other two have no interest at all. But my five year old granddaughter is already showing a love for sewing and she just thinks fabric is wonderful. So, I am trying very hard to nurture that love in her; we spend lots of time in my sewing room when she is here. Right now she is into making pillows, so we make simple pillows for all of the family. She gets so proud when she makes and gives one to someone. Yup, the fabric combinations are often "interesting" since she does all the selecting, boy, we have so much fun.


Quilt455 Thanks God for grand daughters huh! I can just imagine how much fun the 2 of you have in your sewing room.

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