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I used some scraps from another project and cut into my hoarded Field Study linen (!!!) to make a little basket. It's a little different from Pink Penguin's tutorial due to not reading instructions properly (I cut 2.5" squares instead of 2" squares and then had to change the size of the linen piece, and then I cut the handles 1/2" too short, and because of the initial mistake of the 2.5" squares I had to figure out how big the lining was supposed to be and then messed that up so it's a bit baggy inside) but it's my first attempt and I'm actually quite proud of it :sunglasses:

I'm using it to be a useful decoration in my laundry (which we have been redoing to de-ugly it from the previous owner -- nothing big, just some fresh paint and shelving)


At my new job, we had a Secret Santa, with a $10 limit. I thought I'd do something thoughtful, and made another little basket (this time I followed the given instructions and cut the pieces to the size the pattern says). I figured the amount of fabric, batting etc I'd used would be around the $10 mark, so it would fit.

We gave out the gifts today at a Christmas lunch. No one knows who gave out what gift so the recipient doesn't know I made it. I was disappointed at her reaction at it though because she had no idea what it was, telling everyone she had receieved a "tiny hat" and put it on her head a couple of times. Someone else commented it would be handy to put hair things in, and one of the more mature aged ladies pointed out that it looks like someone put in a lot of time to make it. My recipient seemed interested at that, that someone had made something just for her, until another person commented that it looks like one of those 'things' you get at market stalls where someone from India probably made it for 20c hour.
I wanted to say something, but I felt kind of rejected, and it was supposed to be a secret anyway, so I'm kind of grateful they don't know it's from me. Obviously they're not the kind of people that appreciate hand made gifts so I guess I know now to keep it a "secret" and at least it was only a small little thing and not something that took more effort (one of the ladies is pregnant and I was contemplating making a baby quilt).


rejected basket





This is beautiful, thanks for sharing the tutorial.


Thanks Skynme ! I've never made a bag or anything like this before, and the tutorial was super easy to follow (...if you read directions wink )


One of the first things I made was this bag, and have made a few as gifts since. Easy to follow instructions. Love the fabric you have used


Very cute and thanks for sharing the tutorial!


Oh I love this...thanks for tutorial! And info it is fairly easy!!


This is great- love the fabrics you chose:)




Beautiful! this pattern on my bucket list :)


Capetowngirl , HawkFan , True , Mymble , sew_what , Readerowl , Carolmarie Thanks everyone!!

It took me about 2 hours to put together, and I'm sure that time will dwindle the more it's made. So it was a very easy and quick project!!


I love it! Sooo cute.


Aaawwwweee sooo cute :)


Oh no, what a tragic secret santa tale! I would have loved to receive this in a gift exchange. Love the fabrics you used and it turned out great, sorry the person who received it didn't appreciate it. pensive


I'm sorry it was such a letdown. I would have loved getting something like this and would have immediately seen the quality work and fabric that went in to it.


I am so sorry and how rude (I want credit for refraining from adding the word I wanted to add before the word rude;-). First this is adorable and I would have been thrilled to receive it. The fabrics are wonderful as is the quilting. BUT to act like that about a gift means someone has no manners what so ever! I suggest you steal it back and HawkFan and I can fight over which one of us you send it to as I would love one (it is on my to do list for 2014).


I was thinking the same thing as True - I can't imagine making rude remarks about a gift that someone in the group gave another person. I too have this on my to do list. Yours is lovely


I'm sorry that you had to live through that gift exchange! I also would have looooooved to receive this wonderful gift. It's too bad that people could not pick their own gift. I'm sure someone would have loved it but after these remarks was just too shy to say so.


Wow...what a terrible story. I would have loved such a thoughtful and beautiful gift.


That is the worst secret santa ever! Sadly, it sums up most of my experiences with non-crafters. They just don't get it. :P

In any case, both baskets are beautiful :)


Those baskets are adorable. Sorry to say your co-workers have no scruples. Sometimes in that situation it takes just one and then others jump on the band wagon of bad behavior. That was a very thoughtful you go girl!


I am so sorry! Your co-workers are unbelievably rude to say such things when they know perfectly well that the gifter was in the room! Your basket is adorable and in no way deserved such mean spirited comments. We had our office gift exchange yesterday, and I would have been thrilled to receive such a pretty and thoughtful gift!


Okay another project I just have to steal from you and make; they are just so cute and I can think of lots and lots of usage for them. Thanks for the tutorial


Oh Joke, don't worry about your co workers........ at some point she will realize what it is and will be thankful. Gee, you can tell her to send it my way cause I would be thrilled to have one. It certainly does not look like a hat and the fabric is so beautiful. Okay, what is her name and I will fly down there and take her out!!!!!


This story reminds me of a woman I know who gave a wall hanging to a friend. When she was invited to her friend's place later, she found her wall hanging cut in two pieces and her friend was using them as oven mitts! You just have to laugh! Different strokes for different folks!


dear Jo
People can be so insensitive. Next Christmas time give a target gift card and make the basket for your sewing friends. They will love it and treasure it for life. As for your so called colleague next time she wears a Target "masterpiece" tell her that for someone who buys cheap ready made stuff she don't have such bad taste . Merry christmas Remember it is handmade not homemade and it is always special because it is unique.

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