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Flower in motion


Oh, I've been waiting so patiently.  Really, I have been patient! :wink2:   I've so enjoyed creating a block of each of you in the Bee Biased hive.  It's been so much fun anticipating each month's block, and then creating it.  I have loved the very diverse choices we've had within the hive.  It seems impossible that I've created my last block for this Bee.  I can hardly believe it's actually getting close to my month!

In the beginning of the development of the hive it did state that each Queen should reveal her block with the month before her actual month.  I don't think anyone really did that until the last week of the month BUT my month is December and you are all going to be SO busy with family events and holiday eventts that I thought some of you would appreciate an early heads-up. 
I hope +Jodyrose doesn't mind my adding my block this early.

I threw out the idea of paper-piecing early in the hive development because so many of you stated honestly that you either didn't know how, didn't like it, or didn't like the waste of fabric, or whatever other reasons.  I love paper-piecing so I can paper-piece any designs I really want.   I have looked and rejected so many blocks!  I finally came up with this block which I really like and had never made until yesterday.  It's not difficult but precision is best for any block, and certainly for this one.  I would say it's one step more difficult than the Great Granny that so many of you made so beautifully. 

It calls for HSTs, half square triangles, and some of you might be a bit timid about them.  In my tutorial for my block, I've included a tutorial on how to make HSTs starting with larger pieces than you need, and trimming them down after stitching.  It makes the most accurate size, I think. 

I couldn't find a tutorial for the block I want so I chose to draw it out and write up the tutorial myself.  You can find it on my blog  at  If you have any difficulty, let me know.

Now to share my block.  I saw it in a pre-cut quilt kit and it was called "Spinning Flower".  I decided to call mine "Flower in Motion" since you are making it for Quilter in Motion.  It is a 10" finished block which means you will have a 10.5 block and please do not trim it.  I will trim all the same size when I receive them.

I am requesting that you use Kona White for the background and I will supply it to any who need me to, just PM me with your address.  I'd like you to use blue prints and yellow prints.  That said I will clarify by saying any fabric that  reads as blue or yellow but has touches of other colors in it is fine.  You will see that my fabric has other colors but the blue still reads overall as blue and the yellow, while having greens and blue in it is reading as a yellow fabric.  Have I confused anyone?  Please ask questions, PM if you prefer with your questions.  I want to make this block as much fun for you as it can be.  I'm here to give tips or aid. 

Have fun, everyone, and I can't wait to see what the blocks will look like.  I know I'm going to love them all!

12/27/13  Christmas is over and storms are past (we hope) for everyone.  I thought I'm put together a mosaic of the blocks I have so far.  The eight I have here include two of my own, two from True, one from Rebecca, one from Margaret, one from Lori and I from Rosemary.   I'm still watching the mail for the remaining blocks and realize with the holidays some are going to arrive after the first of the year.  Thanks ladies.

1/4/2014  Well, it's been like Christmas here the last three days.   Cynthia's block arrived along with a beautiful piece of the blue fabric.  Following right behind Cynthia's block came Chandra's package with two gorgeous blocks inside.  Thank you so much, Chandra.  Love the fabrics you used.  As if that wasn't enough excitement, today another package arrived with Jody's blocks.  Yes, another extra block.  I don't know what I did to receive these lovely extras, but I love them all!  Jody, both blocks are just so pretty.  Thank you. 

You gals have been so good to me.  I can hardly believe I have three more lovely blocks to look forward to!  Kathie, you said you mailed yours so it should be here soon! 

3/28/13  Leo's block got detoured and perhaps took a trip around the world more than once.  She resent the block on 3/15/14 and it arrived today, 3/28/14.  Thank you, Leo, for all your effort. 

July 25, 2014   The quilt top is finished.
I've been looking for a blue/yellow print for several months now and I wasn't happy with any.  The other day I took all my Flower in Motion blocks with me to the quilt shop and the owner helped me pick out a fabric to use for the sashing and remaining spaces on the bed runner I'm making with the blocks.   The camera doesn't really show the yellow in true color.   It's a warm, butter-y color. 

 I used Bonnie Hunter's math lesson on "on point" layout to figure out the size and yardage I needed for the triangles on the sides and corners.(  It was right on! 

I had two extra blocks so I took my two blocks out of the mix and decided to use them on the back as I wanted everyone's blocks to be on the front.  I also had four "orphan" blocks from my Scrap Tease quilt so I decided to just use those six blocks for the back with some yellow and white sashing strips.   Now it's all ready to be sandwiched and quilted.

August 31, 2014   The quilt is done.  The bed runner has been placed on a bed (for photo shoot) and I love it.  Thanks again to my lovely Bee Biased Bee group for the lovely blocks that make up this bed runner.  I quilted it simply, with stitching on the edges of all sashing, around the Flower in Motion, and around the flower centers.  I also put chevrons in the triangular half-squares around the quilt.


It's finished!
Bed runner quilt top
Flower in Motion 1
Flower in Motion 2
My block drawing
True's block #1
True's block #2
Rebeccajeffsmith's block
Laweigel's block
Mymble's block
Posyp's block
My December blocks as of 12/27
Cynthia's block
Jody block
Jody's block 2
Chandra's block 1
Chandra's block 2
Leo's block
Backing for bed runner
Laid out for pinning





Beautiful!!! Love it!!!


Beautiful block.


Love it and two of my favorite colors yet I have not done them in a quilt!


Hey, nice block. I am surprised. I actually spent my sewing time this weekend paper piecing on the Mariner's block in my UFO pile, just to get ready to do your December block. I thought for sure we'd be paperpiecing. But that's okay. I need to get my thing done anyway. It was good practice. This will be a nice block also, I love your color choices. I've never seen this block before. Thanks for posting it early. You are correct about going to be busy in December!!!


love this one - this is going to be a gorgeous quilt!!!


What a pretty block and I've already pinned your tutorial!


Ohh, I like this spinning flower.And to have it made up in blue and yellow prints is going to be so stunning! Can't wait to see your blocks come rolling in.


So glad you gals are liking this block. True , I've never done a quilt in blues and yellows either but love the combination. Rebeccajeffsmith , oh how I love mariners' compass blocks but I think our Hive friends would have tossed me out of the Hive if I had chosen that! LOL


I see my Tutorial button over there to the right doesn't work.

All I can say, it's a good thing I quilt better than I use the computer!!!! So sorry!


If they click on the tutorial and then click on your "quilter in motion" name they can find it. Your page comes up with everything on it. Worked for me.


Rebeccajeffsmith . Thanks! I'm glad to know it worked for you. Hoperfully everyone else will have the same luck.


Great block- I'm looking forward to making this!


Mymble , thanks. I'm looking forward to receiving it! LOL


Wow! I've been getting blocks and this is exciting. I now have blocks from True (she sent two, one dark blue and one light blue), Rebeccajeffsmith, Mymble and Laweigel. They are awesome. I'm loving the range of blues and yellows I'm receiving. This is going to be so pretty! December 10th and four of the eleven have sent me their blocks. I am overwhelmed with your speed and so appreciative that you got me mixed in with your Christmas sewing! Thanks.


Rosemary's block arrived this afternoon and I didn't get an outdoor shot of it before dark fell so it's an indoor shot. I will take another and replace as soon as I can. Rosemary (Posyp) used three colors. I hadn't thought of that possibility but it certainly works. Thanks so much!


Love seeing them all!


I love this block. It would look great on a sampler quilt. Thanks for the inspiration.


True , Carolmarie , I agree that this will be a pretty quilt. EJcrew , glad you like it and I agree it will be very nice in a sampler!


very pretty block design I think you will have a lovely quilt


What a nice assortment Marsha! I am looking forward to seeing them all in a top! Happy stitching!


Great block and what a nice assortment of blue and yellow!


Clairealex , thank you Claire. My fellow workerbees did an awesome job with the block I chose! Love blue and yellow together.


The yellow looks great with the blocks. Looking forward to seeing your finish on this.


What a beauty this is I just love it! Cannot wait to see it done:-)


Cute! Love the block!!


HawkFan , True , Aizome , thank you. I was thrilled with each of the blocks and so happy to have this project almost "under wraps". It will look so very nice on our bed!


Ohh so great to see another Bee Quilt on its way to be finished - it's amazing how long it took/takes us all to finish them ...


This turned out lovely! Great color combo!


+Strandkorbtrawn, I agree. It has been a while for the Bee Quilts to show up but now we're all on a roll.

Skynme ; thank you. I was surprised to find the textured yellow worked so well rather than a blue/yellow print. I love this buttery-warm yellow.




True , thank you. I am very happy with the results. Several of the blocks are on the back as well; I forgot to mention.


Looks great.


Quilterinmotion , I recognize that bed. It looks lovely there!



Thanks Nina . So sorry I couldn't leave it there for you to have but I'm sure you understand it is a special item since TB members made the blocks for me. I hope you'll do a swap with us sometime so you can get some lovely blocks for friends too and make yourself a lovely quilt. Hugs, Cousin.


This is beautiful


Thank you, Quilt 455. Your block helped make that way!

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