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Book purse


I've seen a few book purses and always thought it was a great gift idea.  Last summer my daughter told me a friend of hers had showed up at her office carrying one and how cool it was.  That's all the incentive I needed!  Ever since then, I've been on the look-out for an old book that might be special enough that my daughter would want it made up as a book purse.

At a last-stop thrift shop I found this Great Ilustrated Wizard of Oz book that was on the "going-going-gone" table.  I got it for twenty-five cents.  After that, I looked around for some Wizard of Oz fabric.  I found it online at ABC's of Quilting on sale and even though I had to pay postage it was a great deal for me as that's exactly what I wanted to make the book.  I bought a yard but 1/2 yard would have been plenty. 

The handles were a skinny belt I had gotten free with a pair of jeans.  Too skinny for me to bother to use as a belt but it made a great set of handles!    Hot glue adhered the leather belt.

I read about six online tutorials and took all the parts that sounded sensible and then, as I often do, went my own way to create the book purse.  I'm very happy with the results and I can't wait to send this to her for Christmas. 

After Christmas I plan to do my own tutorial on the blog with the steps that worked so well for me.  I camn't do it before then as the DD reads the blog faithfully.  Gotta love that girl!


"The Wiz" book purse
ABC's of Quilting package
"The Wiz" fabric lining
The handles were a skinny belt
Making the liner
Making the ends so the purse will open so far
Attaching the liner to the book
Book Purse





What an amazingly creative idea! She will love it.


This is so clever- she's going to flip over it!


True and Mymble , yes I do think she will love it. She's always loved Wizard of Oz so this was a super find for me. She will definitely be surprised.


What a wonderful gift for her. Looking forward to your tutorial. I've seen these before too and thought they were so creative. Very nice!!


There are definitely some tutes that are better than others, HawkFan . If you're not in a hurry, I'll try to make it the best.
Thank you!


No hurry - my want-to-do list is long enough to keep me busy for quite a while wink


What a great idea. I have some old books that I never read anymore but don't want to get rid of. I'm looking forward to the tutorial.


Really loving this! So clever.

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