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I started this quilt before the other one I have posted. This quilt was supposed to be for my mom but I had a really hard time with the bias. I am now using it as a practice for free motion quilting and I'm still hesitant about the binding. My other quilt, if you were to look closely, has TONS of mistakes with the binding but I had to finish it as my mom's birthday was rapidly approaching (the 16th of this month). I avoid binding as much as possible. I am actually scared to bind. I have several projects I start that sit on a shelf, waiting to be finished. Someday I will finish this and keep if for myself as it's a mess but I do like it. I love the colors. It's a moda precut charm pack Serenade by Kate Spain - 3 of each, printed, brown and neutral.






Great quilts...tell us more about what your binding issues are and may be we can help give tips. I know my own method of binding has changed, and luckily vastly improved, over the years. It is like other things it takes some practice BUT there are also some different methods and key is finding what works for you. I know I found a way of joining ends just in last 18 months that I finally can do and do well 99% of the time. Do you use your walking foot when sewing binding onto quilt? That makes a huge difference if you are not doing it will help.


True True My binding issue is this: I just don't know how. The quilt with the red binding was done by folding the binding around the edges, holding it on by hand and going for it. I found many areas that the binding didn't "catch" the quilt sandwich so I would go back, rip out the seam and resew the binding on in that section only. I ran out of binding so it's patched in different spots (thank goodness this was for my mom who loves anything handmade☺). I don't why but the the technique of binding eludes me. I think it's like you say, I just haven't found my preferred method (how can I when I avoid it like the plague). Any tips would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks, Martha


I am a new quilter and I feel your pain. I was afraid of binding but like True said there are so many experienced quilters here and they are all willing to help. I've been "adopted" by a couple of women here like True and Caribousmom and several others. (They may not know they adopted me - haha, but they did and I am learning so much from them) I have tried several methods and finally found one that works for me and the fear is gone. Hang in there!


cally68 Thanks! I am very happy to have found this place. I know with guidance and encouragement, I can get through this ☺ Obviously I'm new at posting here as well so if I double post, be patient, I will get the hang of it along with quilting, LOL!!!


mkerylow cally68 We are happy to adopt you!! Here is a great video she gives loads of good tips (I actually just got some hints that are different that will be using when do my next quilt binding!) I do not join my ends same way but this is a good, fairly easy way to do so (I like my ends to be sewn together versus how she does it). But you master the basics and then you can decide if you want changes. Since it is a video you can see and hear her instructions. I also use to finish all my bindings by hand but now often use the machine (but do not do it as she says and if you want a good tutorial on this part of the binding method I will find you one).


Here is an online calculator that you simply fill in your specifics (how wide binding is, how big quilt, etc.) and it will tell you how much fabric you need to buy, how many strips to cut and how many total inches you need. Life saver in my opinion. If you have an ipad there is also an app I use that does same thing (again I can send you info if want it just let me know). I use same tool for figuring out backings.


True This is great! Thank you so much for all your help. :smiley


mkerylow Don't be afraid! Mary ( True ) has provided you with a fabulous link. And I actually learned something new as I don't use the pocket-no math technique, but now I will! You can do it!!!! Good luck - and make sure you come back and show us how great you did :)

cally68 Always happy to adopt :)


If you've got some scraps around and don't want to start right in on your quilt, you can practice along with the videos on scraps - no ripping required.


HawkFan that is a great idea...also do some smaller for wall hangings (not as small as mug rugs as those can actually make it a tad harder when first learning). A smaller quilt is easier to maneuver...and then move to mug rug size as they are fast. I made several a year ago for my mom's friends and even thought I have been quilting awhile I swear I mastered bindings when did so many right in a row.


True These are all great ideas. Practice is the best way to conquer my binding fear and yes, I have plenty of scraps to to practice with I go! Thank you all for such great advice!


I knew there was a great tutorial about doing binding all by machine but had to find you go.


Ok so today's the day. I finally have the quilting finished, now on to binding. I've watched the tutorials on you tube that you all suggested and I'm feeling pretty confident. I'll post pictures when I'm done! Thank you all again for the encouragement!


Done! thank you all again! There are mistakes but all in all it looks pretty good! I know now what i'm doing different next time - bigger bias! :)


I still struggle with binding and I'm trying to get it right! The smaller my piece is the more I struggle with binding!.

These are two tutorials i use to get my binding right :

Both are similar but I like some of the tips from the second, like angling off the stitching on the corners to help mitre them at the end. It definitely has been helping me keep them neater!!


Hooray - glad you got through it and are happy with the result!


Congrats!!!! And it gets easier and you learn something each time.

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