Downton Abbey Mystery Quilt Along by Kathie


In Progress


I love Downton Abbey . . . I've always thought that time period's fashions were amazing! Not only is this show beautiful in it's writing, visuals, scenery and clothing the women are incredible and strong . . . sometimes a bit too strong :smile:!

So when Ebony at Love Bug Studios started this QAL, I had to join. I mean come on, it's only during the busiest holiday sewing time of the year but I couldn't pass it up. Yes, I'm behind but I just love looking at the beautiful fabrics (I'm using the "Mary" line) by Andover and reading Ebony's blogs as we move along.

If you'd like to join, it's not too late . . . you can find all the information and sign up for "free" here. Ebony Love is super talented and organized and her instructions and tutorials are great! It runs until the new season starts in January.

Dec 9th: Just finished four of the first block, "Titanic". Fun block and very aptly named :smile: with beautiful bold colors!

Dec 13th: I skipped the second block and finished the two "Lady Mary" blocks. The fabrics are just amazing and the blocks came together quickly due to Ebony's pristine instructions! Yay, I'm half way to being caught up :smile:!

Dec 14th: I'm getting hooked on these blocks. This one is the focal point and is called "Castle Garden". Again, I'm really enjoying working with these bold colors and the black flourish is stunning in person. Tomorrow a new block arrives but I have one other to make and its the one that requires 12! At least I'm almost caught up!

Dec 18th: I finished two Block 5 "British Wedding" but took a break as the family will be showing up in less than 5 days for Christmas!!

Jan 2014: What a wonderful holiday! I finished four Block 6: Violet's Dream and eight of Block 7: Upstairs Downstairs. I also almost finished the 12 Block 2A/2B: King's Crown Pre-War and Post-War. Whew! I should of finished it all this month but I became distracted with my ugly sewing room so I tore it apart, repainted and rearranged some furniture. I'll have that up soon!


Violet's Dream block
Upstairs Downstairs block
Castle Garden block
Lady Mary's block
Titanic block
Closeup of one Castle Garden
Two Lady Mary's!
Four Titanics!
Beautiful Mary fabrics
Beginning to cut pieces
Binder for all my new block patterns





I do not watch the show but love the fabric collection...will be interested to see what this mystery quilt becomes!


Sounds intriguing. Can't wait to see how it progresses.


Thanks True and Charwirfs . I've been cutting away, now need to start sewing the first block :-)!


I LOVE Downton Abbey. It is one of the very few shows I watch. I also love Mary and Sybil's lines of DA fabric. However, I can't join this quilt-along. I just don't have time but I'll be watching Kathie to see how this grows.


Great name for the Titanic block. I'm really looking forward to watching the quilt develop!


They look fantastic, Kathie . Fabrics are gorgeous!


It is looking beautiful. Glad you are doing this and showing us!


The fabrics are beautiful!


Thank you Quilterinmotion , Readerowl , and cally68 . . . I've just finished another one and only have one left to catch up with the group. I've left it for last because I have to make 12 of them with lots of flying geese grin .


This is beautiful!


Love the latest block! Oh, my resolve is weakening!


Very pretty fabrics!


First block is in lovely SEAHAWK colors!


This is so pretty.

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