Christmas Stocking for Anna Grace 2013 by Speattle


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Two new granddaughters in one calendar year means two new Christmas stockings for this Nana to sew. I bought a panes from the Moda In From The Cold line, but then added my own touches with quilting and decorative stitching.  So much fun trying out stitches I've never used on my machine.

For this stocking I cut out the shape from the panel.  Then using that shape, I cut out warm and natural batting and white cotton for a lining.

I quilted the outside of the stocking pieces to the fleece.  I drew lines on the foot part of the stocking and using a decorative stitch, just stitched along the lines.  Then following the lines in the print did a scallop stitch in a few places.  I fused the heel and toe section and stitched them down.

The print panel came with several cute cut outs that were supposed to be  decorated cookies.  I chose several of them and appliqued them to the front and to the back sections of the leg of the stocking.  Using brown thread I decorative stitched the shapes to the stocking and fleece. 

I didn't care for the cuff print that was on the panel, so I used some of a fat quarter (same fabric line) to make a cuff.  Since one of the cut outs for this stocking is a cocoa cup, it works!  Now, little Miss-to-be-born-anyday is still unnamed, so for now the little holly leaf on the cuff is blank, but when she has a name, I will embroider it to the cutout and then stitch it on later. it is just pinned on for the picture.  I added eyelet lace and a little heart button from my stash to complete it.  Oh, and a cute tag too.


Front of stocking
back of stocking
machine quilting with decorative stitches




It's so cute! I love your applique, and the hot cocoa fabric at the top is a nice touch.

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