Improvi/Robin Grp 2, Claire's Starter, Rnd. 3 by Charwirfs


In Progress


When I first saw Claire's block after Round 2, I thought I would take my round to a Wizard of OZ theme. I also knew I wanted to add some arc shapes or circles. But I was not liking the things I tried.  I had an unused  star block I made from another project and tried placing it.  I liked the look, but it changed the strong color theme that was happening.  It did reflect the green in the tiny rainbows and it the green sun-face fussy cut placed in an earlier round. The square-shaped star block had stark corners, so I cut it into a circle and machine appliqued it to the corner of Claire's starter block.  I added embroidered stitches to help protect the raw edges of the applique and to add interest.  I was going to stop there, but felt like the new color needed to be placed somewhere else in the WIP.  By adding the rainbow-colored batik print (with the dragon flies), I felt things were better balanced and the eye moved from the circle, up along Claire's radiating arms of her starter block moving to the fussy cuts and houses added earlier.  It also left a focal point for additional rounds to be added. I am looking forward to what Marsha and Chandra do to finish this fun top.


Round 3 completed on ClaireAlex's starter. Improvi/Robin Group 2. Two more rounds before it goes back to Claire.




This looks great! It will be fun to decide what happens next. No immediate idea but something will come to me. Love the star within the circle, Char. Actually I like it better than any of the other pieces you added in on top of other fabrics (the bee, the lady). It seems to belong there. Well done.


Wow! I like the evolution. And I found the photo. You must have forgotton to share it with the group.


Makes me happy Clairealex . I just was a little slow clicking all the right buttons to get it up. I do like the way this site makes it easy to post things...once one sorts out the correct things to click. Happy Holidays!


Love the star applique idea. It's been fun watching this evolve


HawkFan thanks for all your input and support. All the ImproviRobin groups need positive feedback as this type of a Round Robin is so different than the traditional design of adding a border to a center block. You would be good at this, but in the meantime, thanks for the supportive comments.


Char - I really wonder what I would have done with the tops. I get inklings looking at them online but I really have to have the piece in my hands before my ideas come together. I so enjoy when you post the ideas you jot down - I always like seeing how other people think/create - and I can see why you come up with what you do.


You are right about that HawkFan . Having your hands on the WIP really helps. The colors are better and you can stand back and study it, and you can "feel" whatever the piece is telling you. Notice I did not post my notes on this one. My notes went into the round file as they did not pan out for me this time.


Fun fabrics!


I love the star circle applique Charwirfs , nice touch!


Thank you Chandra . I have your WIP with me now. I think an appliqué will be happening there, but it will be a little more conservative. Your starter block looks awesome. The pics did not do it justice.


Charwirfs , I'm still waiting for Claire's piece to speak to me. I'm getting an inkling of an idea but also have a desire to add something different from the "inkling" so I'm just waiting, watching it, hoping it will speak to me soon.


Has it spoken yet. I think the rounds are getting harder as we go. I just finished Chandra's WIP. It spoke to me right away. Taking a pic tomorrow and sending it off to you. I like what I did, but I will be honest and tell you that I am not sure what I would do with it. One thing to keep in mind as we finish theses off is that the last few rounds do not have to be the final statement. The own we can add more once they get it back. Not sure if that helps.

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