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This is not a plug for Quiltybox, but I wanted to share what I got in my box last night because I am super happy.

For those of you who are not familiar with this company: Its a monthly subscription which ships you a surprise box each month filled with goodies. I got myself a prepaid (multi-month) subscription for my Birthday in October as a special treat just for me each month, and 5% of my subscription went to the charity Quilts for Kids.

This month I received:
-1 charm pack of Lizzy House Catnap and 1 charm pack of Alison Glass Clover Sunshine (My pictures don't do either justice)
I love the adorable little mouse and cat fabric. I want to do something fun with these to show off the cute little designs. Any suggestions and creative ideas are welcome.

I also received:
- The Alison Glass Feathers quilt pattern which I have been wanting forever (Christmas quilt miracle...quite possibly I was pretty nice this year).
- A book by Megan Dougherty (The Bitchy Stitcher) called Quilting Isn't Funny, which had me cracking up all night long
- An art print that says Fabric Hoarder (have they seen my stash?) This is getting put up in my new sewing room as soon as I get a frame for it.
- And some stuff called Art Kloth not sure what this is yet, but I have a whole pack of it so I better figure it out.

I have been happy with all of my boxes, some items in them more than others,  but this one has been my favorite so far. Thanks for letting me share, and don't forget to give me ideas.


My favorite prints
clover sunshine
feathers quilt patter YES!
Sexy Pig says "that's Amazing"




Thanks for sharing this I have wondered what came in that mouse print!!


True Me too! Is super cute which is why I don't want to chop it up.


Ahhh I have been waiting so impatiently for Catnapping to be released somewhere I can buy it! I desperately want the mouse print!! I love the mouse on the bike grin

I just pinned this tutorial today: the larger squares would work well to show off the novelty prints, and the smaller ones would work for the bracelets and jewel fabrics?


Joke I love the little mice also, to be honest I wasn't really sure what line it was at first since it had a mix of fabrics.
So funny you picked this tutorial...Erica from Kitchen Table Quilting is a sweetheart! I own her X and + quilt (its gorgeous!!! and the reason I picked that block as August Queen) I love this pattern, also thinking maybe the sawtooth star block. Thanks for the link and the suggestion!


Is that the momo one?? It's so beautiful (and was posted on my birthday hehe). Now I'm jealous of your quilt as well as your haul!! How are your bee blocks coming along by the way?? I still really want to make an x and plus!

Similar to a sawtooth star pattern is the 'avalon scrappy summer' on moda bakeshop but that would take more charms than you probably have


Joke yes, it was the momo one and its really beautiful. Now that all my Christmas gifts are finished... I told myself I can't start another project until I get all my unfinished quilts done (Queen blocks and pillow pop excluded from this self ban). This one is on the top of the list since I want to hang it in my new sewing room. I was just looking at backing fabric today for it. Cant decide if I want to go with a green, red, or blue backing. The blocks have so many beautiful colors in them its hard to choose a good backing.


Skynme I'm trying something similar! I've written down a list in a notebook of the WIPs I should be finishing (especially the ones that are almost done!). I'm dying to start a swoon, but I have told myself that I am not allowed to under any circumstances until I finish off my lager WIPs. I'm trying to get as much done a I can before the New Year as I really need to figure out a better schedule for my time.

You could always use all the colours in a backing!! wink2 The new sewing room sounds exciting!


Joke Its so hard to finish my WIPs when I keep starting new projects...but there are so many I see and want to do. Maybe we should get like an incentive plan finish 2 WIP, get to start 1 new project or something. That way we stay motivated to knock them out. I am also on a new fabric purchase/anything quilting related ban right now (minus my monthly clubs that I already bought, or if I need a particular color for the bees) I've only been on it for two weeks and I feel sad. I thought working on WIPs would help, but it doesn't really. Nothing like getting a box of fabric (I'm such an addict) LOL


I've seen the 'Fabric Diet' being posted around various blogs, but there is no way I can go "cold turkey" and not buy any fabric!! There's a whole bunch of lines coming out next year I already know I want, and just today I filled up a cart at FQS... I haven't bought it yet, but it's sitting there... tempting me...

I'm going to participate in this linky next year: I figure to start with I can nominate my current WIPs and by the time they're finished, the other projects I started while working on these WIPs will become WIPs that I will need to complete for the linky later in the year... ha. I think there's also a UFO group here where members send you a FQ for every UFO you complete as incentive.


How fun! Glad to hear that you are getting really nice quality stuff too :)


Catnap!!! heart_eyes heart_eyes heart_eyes


Adorable charms. Is the surprise always charm size from Quiltybox?


Drnic2c not always, my one box was a fat quarter bundle of minimalista from AFG studio in turquoise. Another box had a panel to make a calendar and zipper pouch. Each month is different

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