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Another Pillow Pop Sew Along pillow for January.   I decided to keep to my Oriental fabrics for the Metro pillow.  My daughter is going to be the recipient of this pillow, along with my Oriental Gumdrop pillow so they will complement each other.  

I must say I had more trouble with this seemingly simple pillow than I did with the Gumdrop which went together so easily for me.  I wore down the battery on my Tablet looking at the diagram and then made great use of my seam ripper as I had sewn wrong pieces together, more than once!! 

I completed the pillow and it isn't square!  I give up!    Now that I've take a photo for you all, I'm going to take one row off so it will be a square rather than a rectangle.   I guess the mathematical side of my brain just wasn't in prime form today but I'm not going to make another one to get it perfect.

I used the Kona oriental fabrics as in the Gumdrop fabric.  I quilted the pillowtop as the designer suggested with random lines.  I made the Envelope back for the pillow with various remaining fabric.

January down! 


Metro, with an Eastern Flair
January Pillow, Metro
Envelope Back
Gumdrop and Metro





Lovely! What wonderful fabrics. From what I've heard, it isn't you, it's the pattern. Doesn't sound like they did a good job of pattern testing and editing this book.


Love it two will be wonderful together. And ditto Audrey... It is not you! Did you see Wendy's tips from when she made it?


Thanks, Audrey and Mary. I did see the tips from Wendy. I can't tell you how many times I went back to TB to read them again and compare them with the diagram in the e-book. It did look deceptively simple, and it should have been.
It's done and I've trimmed it up and finished it. Will add that photo tomorrow.


Great fabrics- sorry you had an encounter with the dragon instructions as well- but it looks great:)


Well, you may have stumbled a bit with that wonky pattern, but the result is great! Good plan to just trim it square and be done. Just goes to show you that the "simplest" patterns can be bears sometime (and it sure would have helped it the cutting directions had been right!). I found the Gumdrop to be easier, and here I thought that would have been the hard one!


i think it looks great. love your fabrics


Caribousmom , thank you! I too think the Gumdrop was the easier of the two and was totally taken by surprise to be so mixed up with the Metro, even using the corrected sizes you gave out. It does teach us not to make assumptions based on the picture, yes!

Sewbusy64 , thank you. I was lucky to be given these lovely fabrics just in time for these pillows.


Carolmarie , thank you. You will be happy to know the gumdrop was so easy to do! Don't worry about it at all. You'll do it just fine; I would reverse the "easy" and
"challenge" labels for this month after having done both. I can't wait to see what colors you use for yours.


So ambitious, doing both of the cushions!! The fabrics really look good in this pattern!


Joke , thank you. My daughter will be receiving in the next few days. They went into the mail today. I expect she will be pleased to put her pillows in them and have them out on her sofa.


Quilterinmotion maybe its just me but I think trying to use the e-book is kind of tricky anyway. I kept going back to it over and over looking at it. Of course I'm crazy so its probably just me. You pillow is lovely.


Skynme , I did the same thing - went back over and over but I now have it on my new Tablet so at least I can see it in color now. I don't think I'll order another quilting e-book; much prefer the paper variety for quilting books. Thank you.

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