AMH Triangle Quilt by Caribousmom


Colors of spain
Constructing Top


I love Anna Maria Horner’s fabrics. Back when I first started quilting in 2009, I went a little nuts buying her fabric. I bought the entire line of Good Folks in half yard cuts and it has been sitting in my stash for a very long time because I wanted the perfect project in which to use it. It is a lot of fabric. It is gorgeous. I want to do something really special with it. I bought From Spain With Love by Roberta Cardew which had a gorgeous triangle quilt inside. The triangles were 3″ along the sides (a 60 degree triangle) and I suddenly knew exactly what I was going to do.

I've cut over 1400 3" triangles for this one and started piecing - but it is slow work!

March 16, 2014: So it has been TWO years since I cut 1400 triangles for this quilt!!! I decided to get back to piecing yesterday and came up with a different idea of how to layout blocks. I think I'll leave this one out and just try to piece a little at a time between other projects.

July 18, 2014: It has taken me a long time to figure out this quilt...but now I have and I am determined to finish it. I decided that I really liked the idea of hexagons and creating movement with the triangles...and then I discovered Oakshott fabric and Peppered Cottons and an idea came to life.This is going to be a pretty large quilt when I am done (at least double bed size) and I am using large 60 degree triangles in a rosy Oakshott and a deep ruby peppered cotton to create a secondary pattern. Now that I've figured out what to do, I am beginning to fall in love with this quilt...and so that means I should get it pieced before long!






Oh my AMH. How I love thee. This is going to be spectacular, I can feel it!


Thanks! I am really loving this one - but mostly because I love this fabric SO much! I've been sitting on it for a long time, and now it is finally time to cut into it and make it into a quilt :)


Holy Moly...this is going to be gorgeous...but 1400 3" triangles...WOW!


I know - I think I was slightly insane the day I cut them all out! LOL!


heheh I see Michelle beat me here (ilikeorange). We both have a slight AMH obsession. I'm reallllyyy tempted to make one of these, even though there's no room in my to-do list


Her fabric is SO delicious, isn't it?? I have so much AMH fabric, I decided I really needed to do something with it LOL


That is going to look great!


Jenniffier thanks! I really need to get back to this quilt - I love the fabric and the idea of it...but I got a bit stalled. There are a lot of triangles to piece lol


Caribousmom Yes I would say so!


Carolmarie LOL - or possibly queen of the obsessive compulsives :) I have no idea what motivated me to cut those triangles - and then make them 3"... I may never finish this one!


Carolmarie thanks for the vote of confidence LOL


Great set of fabrics. This will be stunning when it is complete!


corginole thanks! I need that encouragement to finish this one!!


I remember these triangles!! welcome back...and great new idea...


True Thanks, Mary. This is just one of many quilts I started and then "forgot" about as new quilts were started. I need a plan to finish these up! LOL


It seems like the hexie look brightens up the fabrics a bit. Love the new look!


I am so loving this and I don't usually care for hexies. Don't forget about it again; just to pretty.
Mary, on saturday Wendy goes to this dresser that I have never seen her go to before and the next thing I know she is pulling all these wonderful quilt tops and tops not quite finished. I didn't even know she stashed stuff there. They are all so beautiful. I was freaking out.


HawkFan I agree, Audrey...I'm having fun with this one.
Quilt455 Thanks, Cathie! And LOL re: my chest of quilt "to-dos" ... you girls got me looking in there and now I know I need to finish some of these :)


Yes you do. They are all so truly beautiful!!!


Wow looking amazing...another sunrise or sunset quilt with those lovely colors!


So glad you decided to start up this quilt and share with us. This is going to be lovely!!! I think you decided on the perfect design for her prints.


All I can say is I love it!!! I love AMH, I love this layout, I love the addition of the Oakshott. Love, love, love!


True LOL I think I am partial to those colors for sure! Thanks for the support!

Skynme Thanks, Erica :) It feels like I've been playing around with this one forever and it feels good to finally have a plan :)

ArloDeanQuilts Thanks, Belinda! Once I got my hands on that Oakshott, I knew it had to go in this quilt somewhere :)


Some kind of magic going on here. A real stunner.


Readerowl Thanks, Karen! I think this one is going to make a bold statement...or at least I hope so!


Wendy, I love the variation you came up with, the hexagons. It is really fabulous to see the stars among the triangles. Your color could you go wrong! Awesomeness with AMH fabrics and that Oakshoot, wow! We're definitely going to be keeing abrest of the this developing quilt so now you'll have no choice but to finish it!

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