Indian Summer Stars by crimsonrabbit




This is one of those 'design as you go' type projects!  I started with a little cloth stack from Celtic Fusion fabrics centred around Sarah Watson's Indian Summer collection last year.  It was an impulse buy that I wasn't sure what I wanted to do with at first.  I decided to English Paper Piece with it and made up some 6 point stars with diamonds from it, but it kind of stalled there.  Picked it up again recently and decided to make a small quilt as it's been a while since I did a quilt.

After doing a lot of thinking about the layout, have now come up with a design I'm working towards after buying some more fabrics from the collection!  Have strip pieced the star blocks with 2" hexagons using shot cotton in 'Galvanised grey' (looks more milk chocolate colour than anything else) and now making the other blocks to go between and above and below the star strips from hexagons and triangles.  The triangles and the border will be with the 'Pebble path river' in blues and the backing will be the 'menagerie' print in timberwolf (my favourite fabric from the collection).

5th Feb 2014 - the quilt top is now finished - hurrah!  Squaring up the edges to leave a 1/4 inch seam for the border to attach to was the most 'interesting' challenge!  Have blogged about my little journey of designing and making it up as I go along here:  The inner border was cut at 2.5" and the outer at 4.25.

Have bought some 100% washable wool wadding for this project, which I've never worked with before - am looking forward to trying it and have a rough idea of the hand quilting I'll do.  Have also got plans to re-use the design in a liberty lawn project I'm planning.


Hand quilting around the stars
Reverse of quilting
Basted up ready for quilting
Finished quilt top with outer border added
Inner border added
Triangles and have hexie diamonds added to sides to straighten and add seam for border
Hexie and triangle block to fill in the 'holes' between the strips of stars
Added hexies and diamonds to the edges, top and bottom to start to square edges
Strip piecing the top
Stars and shot cotton in 'Galvanised grey'
Backing fabric
Indian Summer cloth stack (plains are Kaffe Fassett shot cottons)





Gorgeous fabrics and your design is great- I love EPP diamonds- yours are so pretty and the grey hexies in between are great! Looking forward to seeing this develop!


I love EPP. your fabrics and design are beautiful!


Thank you ladies smile I'm excited for the additional fabrics to arrive so I can move it on to the next stage!


Love it!


I can't wait to see how this turns out. It's very impressive! I love these colors.


what a beautiful quilt! I love the grey with the Sarah Watson fabrics!


Wow, this is really beautiful! Love it!


this is lovely! I keep seeing something different each time I look at it


Rubydee , luxxia , Dtscrapper and Caribousmom - thanks so much for your comments! smile

LolaSews - Thank you! It does have a weird kaleidoscope effect, doesn't it? My eyes focus on the hexies first and then when I make them, they see the stars. Not something I intended (not that smart!) but a happy outcome all the same! smile

You can download the project as JSON data.Download JSON