Cellularity by luxxia




A quilt for myself, finally! What?!

02/12/2014 The top is halfway constructed. All the rows are put together, but piecing the rows to each other has proved more time consuming than I was anticipating. Plus, I'm a huge fan of the winter olympics, so.... The bottom will be a mirror image of the top, but with different prints. This is my first attempt at going off the grid and freestyling an entire quilt. I'm pretty happy with it so far!

2/17/2014 The top is constructed. There are some alignment issues that will probably irritate me forever, but my husband claims they are only noticeable to me.. This project will be on hold for a bit until I make decisions about and acquire materials for the back.

03/17/2014 The back is constructed and the whole shebang is sandwiched and basted. I started quilting in horizontal lines, hated how it looked, RIPPED ALL THE QUILTING OUT (that took a few days), and am now going to quilt using a diagonal line pattern. However, the quilt doesn't exactly fit in the tiny throat of my machine to do this as perfectly as I would like. I have been ogling a Juki TL-2010Q. I put this lady in the closet until that dream is fulfilled. SOON.

04/09/2014 I am officially nicknaming this quilt FIASCO QUILT.  So many things went wrong. Every step seemed like a test in patience. I did end up buying a Juki TL-2010Q, both because I wanted one so badly and because I needed to finish this project (for my sanity). Well, after much him-hawing and hand-wringing I bought the darn thing, waited a week for it to arrive, and it turned out to be broken. After many infuriating phone calls with the service department and customer service at Sewing Machines Plus (omg, AVOID) the machine is hopefully currently being fixed or replaced. At any rate, this project did manage to get finished. I have finally mastered a machine binding technique that does not super disappoint me. It's time to move on from the project, physically and mentally. 






Love these fabrics...do you know their names? And what pattern are you going to use?


Great fabrics. This is going to look wonderful!


Most of them are from Dan Bennett's collection Cosmos for Westminster fabrics. I think it's out of print, but I was able to find these from various sellers on etsy. I'm not using a pattern, but I have some ideas!


luxxia will look forward to seeing where you take it!


I kind of recognized Dan Bennett's work-I thought it reminded me of some fabric of his that I have from a different line


Love the colours/fabric and design. I am not usually drawn to greens and purples but I really love these.


Interesting color combination. I like your freestyle design.


As someone weak in cell science I wouldn't know this - does your design represent what you see in your cancer research or is it totally freestyle?


I work in immunotherapy. The circular designs in many of the fabrics remind me of the specific white blood cells that we study, while the linear structure of the design represents how we try to regulate how the immune system functions to our advantage. Also, I wanted to try my hand at triangles, ha ha.


Thanks! I wondered if it was connected to your work.


This is such an interesting pattern. Love your fabrics.


It kinda looks like houses or the Parthenon.... very cool! I like the fabrics too, I haven't seen those before. They look very cellular for sure.


Very pretty. Great fabric.

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