Here be Dragons by Scientificquilter


Constructing Top


I downloaded a Craftsy dragon applique pattern to match some strange combination of blocks that I had left over from some swap that I did 4 years ago.  (Strange in color). The block colors lead me to think Royalty, which lead me to think dragons. Then the quilt seemed unbalanced as I couldn't well just put the dragon over the center of my unusual colors as I wouldn't be able to notice it well.

Which lead me to think, how do I balance this, which lead me to looking up silhouettes of knights, which lead me to shutterstock, which lead me to the knight picture that I finally decided to purchase to be able to use, which lead me to putting the whole thing out on my floor, which lead me to think I needed something else in the top corner above the knight, which lead me to finding pictures of Castles on Craftsy, which lead me to also thinking about Celtic knots on craftsy, which lead me to thinking about Celtic designs from my Celtic Quilting book.

So I am putting this quilt together with many inspirations & patterns out of a multitude of ideas. I do not have a separate 'coat of arms' (first quilt instance??) yet, which makes me wonder if I should make another panel. Or maybe the knight & the castle should be together on the bottom of the quilt with a large coat of arms on the right side. Many things to think about here.






Love seeing your thought process and the dragon is awesome!


HawkFan I love the dragon too. It's on Craftsy, the dragon is my favorite applique so far.


I'm really considering getting the dragon pattern - you did a great job with it


I love how one idea leads to another and so on...I'll enjoy watching progress on this.


HawkFan I was surprised at how small the pattern was. This dragon is sitting on the yellow fat quarter and taking up most of it. This was after I had blown it up some, and then I redrew it with separate pieces. On the original pattern I couldn't see the pieces very well, pattern designer has an outline around all the pieces which is a little confusing. Then I blew it up again to 200% of my upscaled version.


Clairealex I am starting to think I am settling in on the design. I will purchase a little sword charm once I hit either the fabric/craft store or just find one on etsy. I marked quite a few little silver sword charms earlier. I am leaning against putting in a coat of arms just because the design wouldn't be balanced if I added it. Maybe a separate quilt?


That's good to know about the pattern so I won't be surprised if I do buy it. Thanks!!

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