2014 Guild Challenge Quilt by dlf716


Brain Storming


So I need your help our guild has an annual challenge quilt in which you get a fat quarter of a focus fabric and 1/8 of an accent. You can make the quilt any size the only thing that must be done is that both fabrics must appear on the front of the quilt. The theme of challenge is a "Celebration of Color". 

In the picture section I have included the two fabrics and my first draft of the quilt, I would love feedback!

When I first saw the fabric the first thing I saw was that the flowers also looked like gears. So my thought process in drafting my first idea was to have basically half the quilt white with streams of color going into the center of the quilt which was going to be two gears, hopefully actually turning, that on the other half of the quilt produced the colorful fabric. The second idea was somewhat the reverse of this idea to have the colorful fabric feeding into a funnel from the top of the quilt and then out of the funnel would come a rainbow. Both of these ideas I abandon because I didn't really like the idea of material coming into a point in the middle of the quilt and then going out. It left triangles of dead space I wasn't sure how to fill. 

While I was thinking about the design I also started to teach myself how to do English paper piecing. And while I was doing that it struck me, the hexagon rosettes kinda look like gears! With that in mind I designed the quilt mock up you see with this project. I plan to embellish the quilt with seed beads running down the rosettes as if a line of color was being cranked out in the gears. When it comes to the bottom then I might create beaded fringe coming off the quilt to make it appear like a rainbow was the end product of the machine. Right now I am calling the quilt "the Rainbow Machine"

So what do you think? Any other ideas?


Challenge quilt mockup
Focus Fabric
accent fabric




Wow I think this is gorgeous and love two fabrics. I cannot imagine making all those hexagons but beautiful. How big would it be in end?


The hexs are 1/2" and the whole quilt will be about 42" x 42"


I am completely in love with your mockup, although I really like the other ideas too (especially the funnel). There are some really beautiful modern quilts that use "dead space" as a deliberate artistic choice -- it gives you a space to feature the quilting rather than the piecing.


I love your rainbow machine idea, can't wait to see it all put together.


Love the fabric and your idea but it will be a very long project....


How long do you have for your challenge? I like the rainbow in rows like you have now, I wonder if you went with black on 1/2 the centers of the strips, every other 'row'? The picture up there currently would be a really really long project, or at least I would take over 2 years to work on it. That doesn't mean I don't like it, but I am curious to know if that will fit in your time span for your guild.

I also like the idea of gears, maybe make some gears out of EPP and then applique them down so that they 'crank together' on a background, but then you would have background to think about as well for quilting etc. But it would be faster, or could be faster, depending on how many you do.

I don't understand the funnel idea, but that's because I can't picture it in my head. I like that you're coming up with cool things in new & interesting ways for quilting. Part of what I like best, I think, is the possibilities.... and all the cool art that comes from fabrics! Good luck!


wow, I love this design. How are you coming along. I would love to see your progress.

You can download the project as JSON data.Download JSON