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If any of you are Instagram users.... there is a ModernInstaBee going on right now! We are using the book "Modern Bee: 13 Quilts to Make with Friends"by Lindsay Conner. If you want to check it out... use #moderninstabee2014 and all sorts of photos will come up. I'm in hive 7...of 13 I think. It's huge! 
I am going to make two blocks each month -one for the queen bee and one for me. 
*February's block is the Triple Star... queen bee for February wanted bright colors and a gray background.
*March's Queen Bee wanted the Stacked Windmill Block with Moda's Bella Solid Black as the background and at least two solids. I liked how it turned out...but I am embarrassed to say how many times I ripped it apart trying to get the points to match up! Still didn't come out perfect! 
*April's Queen Bee requested the "Come Together" Block. She wanted Moda Bella Solid Black for the 'cross' squares and white for the background... we could do whatever we wished with the rest! I really enjoyed this block, it was nice to get away from all the half square triangles!!!
*May's Queen Bee wanted the "Trellis Crossroads" Block. She asked for Moda country red for the background and any black and white prints for the rest. She is going to call it the "Black & White and Red All Over Quilt". I liked how this one looks!
* June's Queen Bee requested "Stacked Windmill". Considering this is the second time making this block, it came together quickly and points were pretty good! She wanted coral, yellow, navy blue, and mint green...with Kona Snow as the background. I think it turned out nicely!
*July's block is "bluebell's Cabin", a log cabin block. The queen requested black, white & gray. A fun block to make!
*August Block - was mine! I wanted the "mosaic tiles" block in low volumes and bright... the ones pictured here are 'test' blocks. Just to make sure I really wanted this!
*September Block has been the most challenging so far - "Baseball Curves Block". I think if it was done as the book had it - a solid background with contrasting or white curves - it would have been a much easier quilt. But with wanting a scrappy gray background and scrappy turquoise curves - it made it a challenge because of all the piecing - i think it was getting stretched/distorted... It is a beautiful block though!

The ModernInstabee 2014 - was a lot of fun! So much fun in fact, I signed up for another instagram bee - called Challenge Accepted Bee 2015. 


January - Triple Star Block
December - Cordelia's Garden Block
November - Stacked Windmills Block
October - Come Together Block
Baseball Curves - September Block
Mosaic Tiles - August Block
Bluebell's Cabin - July Block
Stacked Windmill Block - June
Trellis Crossroads - May Block
Come Together Block - April Block
Stacked Windmills - March Block
Triple Star Block -February
Forgot to alternate colors...
This is the book we are using.





Wow really gorgeous! So each block will come from the book?


True Yes... there are 13 different quilts/blocks in the book and each month the queen bee gets to choose the one she wants the rest of the hive to make. This was a really pretty block. I don't know that I'd want to make a whole quilt though - as it was labor intensive!!!


TiffanyRay it looks like it was but you did a beautiful job with it. Thanks for info!


I bought this book in the Kindle version ... I.'ll be watching for other blocks. I like what you did with this one.


this is beautiful. I think this block has joined the list of my all time favorites.


Readerowl Thanks! I'm patiently waiting for the March queen bee to e-mail us with what she wants! Quilt455 I agree this is a beautiful block...but quite time consuming! Also - I think it pays to NOT be a perfectionist with this one...hehe. It would drive you crazy if you needed to have every single point perfect!


Love your blocks so far!


Your March block is beautiful! And working with solids is so hard because it show's every little thing.


Love this April block...yours is gorgeous as always!


True Thanks! This is a quick - big block...finishing at 20 inches. It would make a quilt in no time!


TiffanyRay is there a tutorial for it?


I really like April's block! The white and pink seem so fresh and airy.


True No, it's from the book posted in the pictures....


sew_what Thanks- This was my favorite so far!


Lovin this Stacked Windmills! What is it about mint green and navy blue that always grabs my attention. Your pints are perfect!


Love the log cabin in the grays and blacks... Very classy!


Baseball curves is spectacular! I can't wait to see the whole quilt.


TiffanyRay Love your style! What's your IG name? I'd love to follow you!


baronreads Hi! My IG name is tifray (original, I know!) You'll see some pics of my family too on my instagram feed, but mostly sewing stuff.

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