Life Aquatic Pillow by Caribousmom


Life aquatic from pillow pop


This pillow is part of the Pillow Pop Sew Along and is one of the pillows selected for March (the easier of the two).

Those of you who plan to make this pillow will be happy to know that it was a snap to make. I used only scraps for most of the front - plumming the depths of my aqua and orange scrap bags to find some fun fabric. I couldn't resist putting that little gnome in there! Instead of linen, I decided to use a really awesome new solid out there by Alissa Haight Carlton: Modern Solids in Metal...which actually has a bit of a blue sheen to it. For the back I cut into some silky organic fabric by Cloud 9 Fabrics (Across the Pond). I used a small piece of orange fabric to give it a little pop on the back.

Because of feeling a little stretched for time, I decided to forgo the hidden zipper back that I usually do and instead did an envelope back.

The only thing I decided to add to this one was a lining for the back piece. The fabric I used was pretty lightweight and I wanted to reinforce it.

The front is quilted as it was suggested in the book with narrow straight lines going through the orange cross.


Gnome...and quilt detail





I love the little gnome!


omaTam Thanks! I love him too - he was just screaming to be added to this pillow :)


Love how this turned out and how easy you say it was. Alas, my daughter has 'ordered' the other one for her new family room couch. She saw a variation I pinned and immediately said - that one, for my new couch, only with more orange and less pink.


Another great pillow Wendy...beautiful colors, the cute...and I love the back...I'm hoarding some Across the Pond...beautiful that you used it this way.


Oh love this from your fabric choices to your gnome to the backing fabric it is awesome!


Mymble Thanks, Margaret. Those herons just seemed to go with the aquatic theme - although the gnome really doesn't, I loved him too much to leave him out :)

Readerowl Thanks! Well, you could always make this one just for you :) You'll have to wait for Valerie re: the other pillow - I don't think I'll get a chance to make it and so she is tasked with vetting the pattern :)


True thanks, Mary! It was fun to make :)


Caribousmom Yes, I think I will make both! But maybe they will both end up for her new sofa. I'll see if I can make them coordinate. She does love aqua and orange. I could get started on Life Aquatic tomorrow :)


Readerowl hee hee - go for it! You don't need much fabric for the patchwork - I used all scraps I had - so you just need the border and backing fabric in a bigger quantity.


This is really pretty and I love the little gnome. Thanks for sharing the link as well.


Skynme Thank you!!! And you're welcome :)


What gorgeous colors!! That seals it for me - going to have to make a turquoise and orange quilt now. I love the special touches - the gnome, the patch of orange on the back, the orange quilt lines. I just love this


Good thing I don't live close to you or I'd definitely find a way to "borrow" this


HawkFan Thanks, Audrey! It was a lot of fun to make (LOL re: living closer to me...if we ever have a meet up, all of us, I can see I'm going to have to bring little gifts with me!)


hawkfan, Wendy is used to her quilting friends "borrowing" things. hehehe


Wendy, another winner. I am so surprised at how much I like the teal and orange together. I too will be doing an simpler type back on my Feb pillow to save some time even if I do like the zippered backs better. This one is a win and I just might have to bring a very large tote bag on our next sewing day.


OH and the little guy just adds so much charm to the whole pillow. You are just so creative.


I am excited this is one of the March pillows as I have been eyeing this pattern since my book arrived! I love your pillow!


I love your color choices. The gnome is a nice little surprise.


This turned out so nice, Wendy. I love your gnome! Thanks for the tip on the solid you used for the border. Hadn't heard of that line yet but will have yo check it out. I loooove gray-blues!


Great use of your orange cross or plus sign and the quilted details following the lines to the edge.


Really love the colors you used and the heron fabric is adorable! Great pillow!


It may be a snap to put together but it has great pop appeal! Can you really be converting me to loving orange? I think so!


I love this and your gnome is so cute. Can't wait to do mine.


Quilt455 LOL - thank you!
ArloDeanQuilts Thanks! Can't wait to see your version of this one!!!
sewwhat Thanks - he's a cute little guy, isn't he? <img src='' alt='monkeyface' title='monkeyface' class='emoji'>
Terrysim Thanks :) Those solids are REALLY nice - they essentially have more than one color in the weave of them, so it gives them a special quality and the color changes subtly depending on the angle you view it at. I am going to need to buy more of those as blenders.
Charlie Thanks - I was really happy with how that turned out!
Dtscrapper Thank you! I only had a half yard of the heron fabric - wishing I had bought more now!
Terryt1955 Oh, I hope so, Terry. Orange is such an awesome color - you just have to remember it is strong and can take over a quilt/ placement and how you use it, I think, makes a difference.
Capetowngirl Thanks! Can't wait to see yours!


sewwhat Well, I have no idea what happened there! Was supposed to be this: <img src='' alt='monkeyface' title='monkeyface' class='emoji'>


Hmmmm - so the little figures are NOT working. Weird.




I believe the problem is two fold. First, I don't appear to handle it well when you use an emoji code that isn't real. Second, the code is monkey_face not monkeyface. I left the colons off so it wouldn't translate it.


Alex Well Alex - I didn't enter a code...I brought up the little images and selected if it was wrong, it was programed wrong.


Love your fabrics! The aqua would go perfectly in my family room, so I think I'll "borrow" your colors! haha - Oh and the back is so artsy with the orange patch at the bottom.


Carolmarie Thanks! I love putting little surprises in pillows and quilts and that little gnome seemed perfect for this one. Can't wait to see your version :)
Gardencrafter Thanks! I love the aqua too. Actually the pattern in the book uses these colors, so I cannot take too much credit for my choices! And the back? Well, that orange was a happy mistake because I cut the fabric wrong and needed to give it a patch to make it all work. I love when I make a "mistake" and the solution is better than what I had originally planned :)


Just making a comment similar to the original by Caribousmom to verify my fix has worked.
sew_what can I put a monkey_face close to your name?


Alex Looks like it is working :) Thank you.

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