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For March, I started with the "Life Aquatic" pillow.  I began this pillow in late February, right after the Chevrons pillow was complete.
I wanted this pillow to be a mate to the February "Chevrons" I recently finished for my daughter.   To make it a mate, I used the same fabrics or colors.Additionally, I decided to make two crosses stand out against the background, the aqua and the bronzy-grey that stood on the "Chevrons" pillow.  I decided the title "Life Aquatics" really didn't fit this pillow with my two crosses so I now call it "Double Cross".

It looks great with the Chevrons pillow which my daughter saw a photo of and replied "Awesome".  I hope she will like this mate equally.

I quilted around the edge of the two crosses and then did echo quilting around those quilting lines.  I used the foot of my walking foot to determine the distance between quilting lines.  It's such a simple way to quilt with no measuring necessary.   The corners I just filled with after the rest of the echo quilting was done, in the same manner.

The front of the pillow is quilted and lined; the back is lined and I used Wendy's hidden zipper tutorial. I was able to match the various vertically-lined sections fairly close. 

This pillow, along with Chevrons, is usable on both sides and I took some shots of the two pillows in various combinations, just for the fun of it.


Double Cross (aka Life Aquatic)
Double Cross quilted but without the insert
The back of Double Cross (with hidden zipper)
Double Cross with Chevrons
Backs of Double Cross and Chrevrons





This is a really gorgeous pillow and love how the two pillows look together. And your quilting is lovely... Great name!!


This is fantastic, Marsha...I love how you made this one your own! It looks great with the Chevron pillow!


A wonderful set of pillows. The backings blow me away.Is your daughter please or what!


Gorgeous! I love your adaptations. You are very talented.


True, thank you. Quilting with the walking foot is so easy, almost fool-proof. I do love it almost as much as FMQ! Caribousmom , I'm glad you don't mind that I don't always do the pillows as they are shown. I enjoy the creativity of coming up with what will work for my purpose.

Terryt1955 , thank you! I'm pretty happy with how they turned out and my daughter will be too. I sent them off to her this morning. SewMuchAndMore , thank you! I appreciate your comments. My husband would tell you I just have a mind of my own.....not always something he's happy about. LOL


Quilterinmotion Oh my goodness, Marsha - of COURSE, you should do them how you want! No rules in this group...everyone should feel free to adapt patterns, make them as they want!


I love the remix version... such great colors, I know she is going to love them.


Love the double cross, and the two pillows together look lovely


Wonderful set for your daughter. I love the color combination.


Caribousmom , thank you. It seems only right that people should make them their own and what is useful to them. I'm happy you see it that way.
Skynme , thank you! I thought the colors worked well. Capetowngirl , I appreciate your comment; thanks.
HawkFan , I expected you would like the color - at least the aqua. Thank you!

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