Bloom by True




Using fabric from stash I made this wall hanging to in part practice FMQ and to see if could take some very traditional looking fabrics, and make something a bit different with them and like it, as well as like the looks of the FMQing.  And I do so thrilled... it is not done as I do not have colors of thread I want to do applique so will have to pick some up.  But since I did quilting BEFORE applique that part is all done.  

I used a quilt I found on internet for inspiration and cannot find it right now...if I do will add.






This is great, Mary! Your quilting looks really good!!!


Just gorgeous!!


HawkFan Caribousmom thank you!! I had a hard time making myself go with the FMQ in the borders...I wanted it nice and orderly and a straight line;-).


Love those pretty flowers, great job!


Skynme thank you... I am so bad at practicing I have to come up with projects to get me to do it!


Your FMQ looks fantastic, and your wall hanging is beautiful!


Okay Turbo2, this is beautiful and I am so jealous that you got the FMQ down so fast. I still haven't found time to practice it...someday. It is on my very long bucket list.


The flowers are beautiful and have a Japanese feel to the At least they do for me. call me crazy. Can't believe how much you are progressing with the FMQ. I feel the same way +Quilt 455. maybe we should make sandwiches and practice on the 14th?


SewMuchAndMore thank you so much...still so much improvement is needed but I am happy with fact I can do it!!


Quilt455 LOL I have a huge bucket list and this was on it...and I still have a long way to go but it is getting easier and better. I clearly need to relax more as it hurts my back way more than straight line:-(


Terryt1955 thank you...I am not sure if I will keep this one or what once it is done. And I am not good at practicing with the sandwiches. I did one to start and get tension right, and I keep one handy so can make sure tension, etc. is all set before I start each time, but I found the only way to get myself to practice is to make something I can do it on. So far that is working:-)


I took inspiration from you Mary and did a little practicing this weekend on some scraps I had. I was OK with the results and when I have a project I want to FMQ on I think I'll be OK to give it a go. I do like the look of straight lines in a lot of cases though :) I bought a low tension bobbin case but found the tension was too low. When I popped the regular one back in the results were pretty good if I kept it steady


Carolmarie thank you...mastering it is a long way off for me...and I may never move beyond this design and maybe loops;-) But that is ok!


HawkFan Good for you I really do like how straight line looks for a whole lot of things...but it is nice to have this in my tool box for cases where I want something else. For this one I would have done the FMQ on white and straight line on borders but I wanted to push my comfort zone to see how I liked it. I am glad I did but if did a redo would go with original idea:-)


I just saw a blog post the other day about mastering FMQ and how we're all too hard on ourselves. She makes the analogy of an accomplished pianist - it takes a lot of practice to get really good and we have to give ourselves a break. Totally hit home with me


HawkFan I love that as it also "gives permission" to be the kind of "pianist" who just plays for family and friends and does not need to be at that upper level!!


True Hadn't thought of it that way but you're so right! See, there I go again worrying too much about perfection. I don't expect it out of anyone else so I don't know why I worry about it so much for myself !!


HawkFan ditto!!!


Looks great Mary - your quilting is wonderful and the design is so great...and you and Hawkfan are right about the perfectionism...crazy how we tie ourselves up in knots sometimes:)))


Mymble thank you! I self talk to just let it go all the time...must say I am way better than use to be at listening to myself;-)

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