Cloud white crib quilt for Anna Grace 2014 by Speattle


Diy baby quilt


My daughter in law has had a picture up her her pinterest page for quite a while of a pure white baby crib quilt.  It is something I have wanted to make for my baby granddaughter and this will be sent as a surprise.  The idea comes from this web site:

It is more of a description of how the author made her version, rather than a tutorial, but any experienced sewist will figure it out.

I purchased yardage in 4 different white on white patterns and mixed them up in the eleven varying size strips I cut.  Rather than make my own ruffled bit, I bought trims (at a great 50% 0ff sale!) and added them sort of in the same fashion as the author, but not entirely.  I also inserted a cute little blue "Sweet Dreams" tag on the front (the only bit of color on the front).  The backing is a single piece of flannel I had in my stash.

I chose a puffy batting  to give more dimension. Since the entire top is white, I felt it needed more visual texture, plus I just sometimes like a nice puffy quilt.   There is not a lot of quilting stitches going on.  Just a simple straight stitch  down each seam.  I thought about adding some more different stitches and even stippling, but I wanted this as close to the picture of the original quilt as I could get.

I wish the various fabrics showed up their prints better in the photos.  One is a "fairy frost" with a bit of sparkle to it, another is narrow white on white stripes, another is a tiny floral, and the fourth is large circles with some sheen.  The gathered organza trim is quite shiny, as is the narrow corded braid.  The eyelet finish is flat, but has the lovely little flowers in the lace and I ran a line of the corded braid down the center of the 2 rows of back-to-back eyelet.  I think little bits of trim with beads would have looked very pretty too, but obviously that would not be safe for a baby.

It is bound with purchased wide satin blanket binding.  It took all but a few inches of one package.  The finished quilt is the size of a crib mattress.  It seemed a rather strange shape to me, but again, I was following what was in the picture my DIL pinned.

I was doing some test stitching on my Brother machine that also embroiders, and decided to turn my little test into a quilt label for the back.  The rest of the quilt was sewn on my Pfaff Passport 2.0.  i really love the IDT feature when doing quilting lines through thick batting.  There is nary a pucker anywhere on the back of the quilt! :smile:

I am not a professional photographer, so the pictures here don't really do it justice.  My DIL is actually a very skilled photographer and knows how to better work with lighting and such.  I'll get pictures from her when this arrives and add them in.

Speaking of pictures, in the background of some of these photos you see some pictures on a chest.  The one of the bride and groom looking at one another are the parents of the baby this is for!  And the other picture is my our family on the day my son graduated from Stanford. And in the black and white photo, you can also see a picture of Siffstitch and her husband on their wedding day.  The other picture of the kids on the porch is when my 3 were a lot younger on the first day of school.





What a gorgeous baby quilt...beautiful idea!


True Thank you, and it was really pretty simple to do!


It's sooo pretty! Little A. G. and her mom will love it. Nice strawberry patch, too!

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