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We didn't do an Easter Basket last year, since Ellie was a tiny baby. But she will definitely need one this year! So I decided it would be so cute to make one, rather than buy one. Easter fabric is on sale, and I just so happened to be at the fabric store... perfect!

I recently purchased the Nesting Bowls pattern from A Cuppa And A Catch Up. I made the 9" bowl with a handle. I went back and forth on whether or not it needed a pocket inside, but ultimately decided against it for this particular project. It seemed like overkill.

Ellie carried the basket around all morning as soon as I showed it to her! She cried when I had to take it away to get her in the car seat. Then carried it around at my mom's, too, until I had to leave for work. I had to sneak it out the door!

In case you are wondering about the size in real life, if you can't visualize just how big/small 9" is... it is the perfect size for a 9-pound calico cat named Twix. My husband ran her out of it 3 times this morning before telling me she was in it, then I got her out of it and hid it. Looks like I'll be making her one, as well. Probably flannel and no handle.






This is adorable and while I no longer have a little one I do have cats who wish I would make them one;-) Love the picture of Twix in it and how much Ellie loves it!


True , Thank you! I would love to see if your cats love it as much as Twix does, if you make one! I'm even imagining a little round pillow in the bottom! Our pets live better than some people!


One of my cats would do the same thing as your Twix. Since I don't have little ones any more I may have to make one for my cat Jazz. My college-aged daughter would probably like one too, though, especially if I put candy in it smile

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