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March 23, 2014:

This pillow is for the Pillow Pop Sew Along and is one of the pillows for April. It is a rather labor intensive pillow the way the pattern is written, but I made some small changes in the piecing of it which made it come together quicker...and now that I have finished the top, I am rather liking this one! I've added some tips over on the Pillow Pop group if you are thinking of making this one. I managed to get the top constructed and quilted today...still need to make the back which may not happen until April!

I used my many scraps of Bonnie and Camille to make the petals. And then chose a Kona solid in Taupe for the trellis. I forgo the hand quilting which the book recommends (although this would be a great project for hand quilting) and instead machine quilted the top using a red thread and following the pattern of the petals.

March 26, 2014:

Well, I found some energy to get the back done in between working this week - and took another short cut by making an envelope back instead of a hidden zipper. But it s done! And I'm pleased :)


finished pillow - front
finished envelope back
Front Constructed and quilted





This looks fantastic, can't wait to start this one.


Wendy this is lovely...great version of this pattern!


Skynme Thanks! I just updated the group page with some ways to make this more efficiently. I didn't make every petal scrappy and that saves time, and also I don't think it really makes a huge difference in how the pillow looks.

True thank you!!!


This turned out beautifully. Maybe I'll try one afterall.


Wow this does look like a lot of work but it paid off for all involved. It's beautiful and everyone else can benefit from your tips.


I do love all the small pieced arcs but it looks like so much work! As long as you can use some great prints (like Modern Vintage or Scrumptious) I can see how it can still work. I had to look hard to find the ones you didn't piece because they blended in perfectly. Beautiful job as always and I give you permission not to have to finish the back until April!


This is so pretty. I really like this pillow in the book, I think I'll be making this one for April.


Wow, this is really pretty. I know it wasn't one of your favorites but I really like it. Thinking about doing this one with some of your short cuts. Thanks for getting this posted so early for April. You are Da Bomb.


Oh and I love the red quilting...great idea


Carolmarie Thank you! My pleasure to pass along ways to make this easier :)
Readerowl Thanks, Karen - oh, I hope you will make one...I want to see other interpretations of this pillow!
HawkFan Thanks, Audrey! It is a lot of work - although once I figured out how to make it faster, it didn't take too long to finish.
Terryt1955 Thanks, Terry! LOL re: permission to not finish :) I have so many projects on my to-do list right now!
ArloDeanQuilts I like the one in the book as well, Belinda. Can't wait to see what you do with this one!
Quilt455 It has actually grown on me :) Looking forward to seeing what you do.


I do really like it too. But I think I am going to take your tip and no piece the pieces. hehehe you know what I mean.


Quilt455 I do know what you mean :) And I think that is a good choice :)


Love your pillow - really pretty. I was thinking I would like to make this one, but won't have enough time as it is seems very labour intensive. Now I might have a rethink, and have a look for the right fabrics to use.


Sewhappy Thanks! I found it to be labor intensive when I first started...but then I made some choices about piecing that quickened things up considerably (I've posted those to the group) and the last part of the pillow came together fast. Will look forward to seeing yours!


How pretty! Nice color choices!


sew_what thank you!


Awesome finish!


True thanks, Mary :)


Carolmarie Thanks, Carol! This is a picky little pillow...I can't wait to see your!


Yay you got it done in April! I like the back too. Not every back (quilt or pillow) has to be as intricate as the front. Sometimes you just have to let it go and finish up the project. And you did use 2 fabrics so it's a lot more interesting than most! I still haven't even started mine so who am I to talk!


Terryt1955 Thanks! Actually finished it in March - yay me! LOL! Sometimes I don't have the time to do a more intricate back - but I think simple worked here since the front is so complex :)

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