Disney Princess Inspired patterns by Joke


Brain Storming


I've been toying with an idea on making quilts/patterns that have been inspired by Disney/Disney Princesses.

My favourite Disney Princess is Sleeping Beauty/Aurora/Briar Rose. For a design I knew I wanted to incorporate flying geese (to symbolise the three fairies), something like a pinwheel (for the spinning wheel) and then the blue/pink argument of Princess Aurora's dress.

As soon I saw the traditional block Tea Rose I knew it was perfect for "Briar Rose" and then I realised the block is pretty much the same as a Bear Paw block with just different colour placements, and I could make it to look like the Honey Bears blocks I'm making as the flying geese in the centres are the fairies I want! The centre square could become the pinwheel and voila!! I'm so excited and now I'm thinking I'm probably going to be sick of this pattern eventually :grin:

I don't know if I'll ever make it but I'm interested into pulling fabrics and maybe making a couple of blocks (I think it'd be a sweet baby girl quilt!).

What are your opinions on colour placements? I really can't decide!

I chose the rose colours of pink and blue as those two fairies (Flora and Merriweather) fought about the pink and blue dress and I didn't think a green rose would work :wink: but I'm not sure of the pinwheel colour as being green, but then since Maleficent has a green face/green glow it kind of fits...

Update: Rummaged through my scraps and whipped up a demo block. I love the scrappiness!


single block
mixed rose colours
pink roses
blue roses





what a great idea and the pattern is really interesting.


What a beautiful pattern!


How creative. I love reading about your thought process


I love your process in design!!! I am always so intrigued by how people come to their designs and color placement. I love your scrappy demo block - it is so happy! Looking forward to seeing more :)


Carolmarie Caribousmom HawkFan True Seeneed thanks! I think I'm running low on the right coloured scraps to make another block now!! I'm trying to think of the other Princesses to get some ideas for what I could do for blocks.


I vote for Snow White.


Seeneed I'm thinking of Snow White. All I can think of are apples and '7' (dwarves) so trying to work out how I can symbolise that into a block!


Didn't each of the dwarfs have a different colored hat? Maybe you could work that in. There's also Jasmine, Belle, Cinderella and Ariel that I can think of


HawkFan I'm not sure what to do with Jasmine.. she wore blue... but the lamp/genie stuff was more of Aladdin's story since she didn't know he had a genie...
Belle - Hourglass, rose, books, yellow ball dress
Cinderella - shoe, pumpkin, '12' (midnight,clock)
Ariel - green/purple, shells (her top, "voice" legs (lol), sea

There's also Tiana - er, a frog?! Might have to watch this one again as I haven't seen it as much as the others!
Rapunzel -tower, long hair (I can really only think of something using long strips for this one)
Anna/Elsa - snow, scandinavian elements..


Maybe take some ideas/colors from the setting of Aladdin - sand, the flying carpet colors/design, she wore gold jewelry and her hair is black...


When I think of Snow White I think of her iconic look with the black hair and yellow, blue and red dress. There is a quilt block called 7 sisters that might be great in those colors.

You can download the project as JSON data.Download JSON