Baby Dresden with Prairie Points by Caribousmom


Little lollies by fig tree


My husband's cousin and her husband are having their first child (a girl) in mid-May. Lena, the baby's mom, is a bit traditional, but she is also in her early 20s so I wanted to give her a traditional baby quilt with a modern "pop." The baby's room is green and yellow, so those colors became my inspiration for the color palette for this quilt.

I thought a Dredsen quilt was the perfect choice and found some really sweet fabrics in my stash - flowers and dots in green, yellow, blue, and red. I chose a red with white dot fabric from the Delilah collection by Tanya Whelan  for Free Spirit (also in my stash) for the centers of the Dresdens and for the cornerstones.

The solids in this quilt are from Cotton Couture: Candlelight (yellow) and Bright White. The green border is a print from True Colors by Heather Bailey.

I used Fig Tree's easy piecing method for Dresden Plate blocks (which comes from their Little Lollies pattern which you can find here). This is a super simple way to make this block. I straight-line, top stitched the dresdens and centers to the background fabric about an 1/8th" from the edges.

I decided I really wanted to make Prairie Points for this quilt - something I have never done! And it seemed destined I do so when I saw that the Fat Quarter Shop's notion of the month was the Quick Point Rulers. I chose the 2" X 4" ruler for my quilt...and watched the video on how to use the ruler before cutting. I am here to tell you, this is THE simplest way to make Prairie Points...accurate, fast, and easy. I decided on two fabrics - both from the Delilah Collection by Tanya Whelan: the red with white dot and the white with red dot.

The back is a soft yellow Minky dimple dot - just like butter and perfect for a baby!

I quilted this one very simply with echo quilting and straight lines.

The quilt measures 44" X 44"

I'm waiting to put the label on after the baby is born so I can include her birth date...and I hope to deliver this one in person some time in June - stay tune for cute baby photos!

June 20, 2014 Update:

My husband and I visited with Lena (mom) and new baby, Althea a couple of weeks ago and delivered Althea's quilt in person. She was only 11 days old in these photos and is a beautiful baby with all that dark hair and gorgeous skin!! Lena loved the quilt and I was so happy! Updated photos included now.


Dad, Mom and Althea with Quilt
Me holding Althea with her quilt
Pretty girl!
Front Detail
Prairie Point Closeup
Back Reveal
Quilting Detail
Prairie Points Strip - before applying to quilt





You already know I love this quilt but I will say it again!! The prairie points are the best...and such a very sweet gift for a new baby...and cuddly too.


True Thanks Mary...I love how soft the back is...and although the prairie points are a little fussy to sew on...I am SO glad I did them on this quilt :)


What a sweet quilt. I love that butter yellow, and the prairie points are perfect for the Dresden. She is going love this.


Skynme thanks, Erica! I was happy with how it came out, especially because these were the first Dresens I had made...and also first time with Prairie points!


the Dresdens were perfect when I saw them a few weeks ago. But I love the scale and color of the border and those prairie points are the icing on the cake. One of the sweetest baby quilts I've seen! Pinned!


Terryt1955 Thanks, Terry! Well you confirmed the border fabric for me...seemed like it was made for it ;) Thanks for the pin!


Love everything about this...wonderful quilt...wonderful gift!


I love using minky for a baby quilt...or any quilt that you want specifically to bring soft comfort. I love the red mingled among the softer colors. Mother, father and babe will be so pleased with this. It's a winner!


I love the traditional pattern with a modern pop. Thanks for the prairie point ruler recommendation. I have been wanting to do that on a baby quilt and been discouraged by the process. Now I have a new notion on my wish list. Like I need another ruler. LOL


What a gorgeous quilt! Great job given all of the "firsts" in this quilt. Looks like you're a pro


Carolmarie Thanks, Carol! This is one of my favorite baby quilts I've made ...can't wait to give it to her!
Mymble thank you, Margaret!!!
Quilterinmotion Minky is great for baby quilts - this is the second time I've used it and I always love how soft it is - also it quilts up really nicely. Thank you!
Drnic2c I was discouraged thinking about making Prairie points the traditional way...and I can't say enough how great that ruler is...just make sure you make your borders divisible by the size prairie point you are using (so my points were 4" X 2" and so I made my quilt 44" X 44" and they fit perfectly). thanks for the nice comment :)
HawkFan Thanks, Audrey!


Wow, love the creamy yellow and the red and white prairie points. You nailed it also with the turquoise. Just waiting for a grandbaby...someday... to make something like this.


Charlie Thank you! Hard to capture color correctly on the Internet - the "turquoise" is actually a minty green smile This was a fun one to make!


I think this is one of my most favorite quilts you've made yet Wendy! It is just so sweet and old fashioned....I adore the yellow and the prairie points!


Dtscrapper Thanks, Paula! I am really loving this one too ;)


I can't tell you how much I love this quilt. It looks great on the site but better in person. See it is your quilts like this one that makes me want to be a better quilter.


Caribousmom I see now that it is the minty green on a close up. Hey, I still like it. LOL


Quilt455 Thanks, Cathie! I'm glad I'm inspiring you :)
Charlie LOL - thank you!!!


Wow, cute story & photos!!! green_heart yellow_heart


Aizome Thanks :)


I love the border with the little points!


I just LOVE those pictures of you with the baby. So darling! And that quilt is a perfect match for that beautiful baby. Way to go Auntie!


janepez Thank! I was really happy with how they came out!


Terryt1955 LOL thanks, Terry (pssst...the mom is Kip's I guess that makes Althea a second cousin?)


Yeah I know but Auntie sounds so much nicer than Cuz!


Love all the new pics-lovely family and what a sweetheart she is! The quilt looks great in its new home!


Althea looks great with her new quilt. She and the quilt are absolutely adorable.


The most beautiful baby and such a lovely quilt for her to cherish forever.


Beautiful pictures of you with the baby! So sweet


Mymble Thanks, Margaret :)
Drnic2c Thanks so much!
Skynme Thanks, Erica! She is a sweetheart!
HawkFan Thanks, Audrey!

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