Nocturnal Fields by Joke




I'm participating in the Triangle Quilt Along as motivation to finish up this quilt. I already have the triangles cut and pieced some rows together (which I did about 6 months ago but gave up for some reason) but I'm hoping there will be some hints and tips in the quilt along to make my piecing better!

I'm using Field Study by Anna Maria Horner as well as a few other AMH prints and a few Tula Pink prints. The colours I took inspiration from an ugly shirt I found at work at the time but thought it would make a great quilt pattern. The shirt design was called "nocturnal garden" and since I was using Field Study, decided to call it Nocturnal Fields!

Cut more triangles from the rest of my AMH stash and I've been piecing them together. I think I have at least 500 triangles!

I think I need more black solid ones... it just doesn't seem to have the pizzazz of my original piecing ..

Used the easy way out as suggested by +True, +VictoriaJ, +Quilterinmotion and +Caribousmom (thanks, ladies!). I joined all three pieces together and then trimmed them. I think in the end it's resulted in my edges to not be straight heh but oh well, this quilt is just for me so who will know!

Finally have it rimmed but it's at a size of 60x85 and looks kind of long! Thinking now of taking of about 3 rows from the bottom to shorten it as it looks more proportionate but that's just too much work lol! Either way, I have plenty of backing fabric (Totem by AMH).

FINISHED!! Just in time for both A Lovely Year of Finishes and the Triangle Quilt Along!

I ended up taking off 4 rows. I decided I wanted it it the proportionate size so I took off three, but then I found some scrap batting which was just a teeny bit short so I took off a fourth row to make it fit. It's now about 70x55".

The three rows I took off I used to piece onto the back along with the totem print. I used a variegated Aurifil on the front and a greeny grey on the back to blend with the creamy backing fabric.

From the beginning I knew I wanted a white binding (because of the ugly shirt and I thought it contrasted really well with the dark colours/pattern). I was going to use a solid white but then found the Happy Go Lucky white spots in my stash so used that!

The top came out a little wavy though; does anyone know why this happens??


Finished quilt!!
Perfect corner!
Fully joined and trimmed top
Turned up bottom rows for shortening?
blocks laid on the floor to see how big it's coming
Progress before start of Quilt Along
Inspiration: Pattern from the shirt





Interesting story of your ugly shirt inspiration. Good call - it is going to be lovely! Good luck with the hints and tips - I have a batch of triangles cut but no inspiration yet. And I think I will need some of those hints on piecing.


Triangles can be tricky- looks like you have got the hang of it- looking forward to seeing this develop even more- and oh the ugly shirt story LOL- so fantastic that you could use it to inspire you this way.


Now come on, in some places that shirt could be beautiful (if you were having an acid flash back to Saturday Night Fever for instance). But as a quilt it IS very cool. Just goes to show you not everything should be worn but quilt inspiration can be gotten from anywhere. I love the fabrics you've selected and DO share the triangle tips!


This is going to be very pretty when put together. You just can't go wrong with any of those designer prints.


Readerowl Are you participating in the quilt along? There are prizes to help you get going wink


Mymble I had to do a lot of unpicking and I think I gave up because sometimes they woul dline up and sometimes they wouldn't :S I'm holding off doing any more until the next quilt along assignment is posted!


Terryt1955 Maybe the shirt would be beautiful... with its matching SHORTS: lol! There was also a dress as well. As soon as I saw the pattern though the flowers in it just screamed "AMH" to me so I knew what had to be done!


Skynme I just wish they weren't so hard to cut up! I'm thinking of cutting up some more prints to add (I've bought Dowry and True Colours since I cut these triangles) but it's so hard to dig into them!!


Joke Thanks for the encouragement, but no on the quiltalong. Too many other projects going :) I'll just enjoy yours.


Joke Oh no...that just shouldn't be legal...tell me it was an April Fool's....LOL


Ok those shorts really do make the outfit! But I also love your quilt..good luck and will look forward to hearing if there are helpful hints along the way!


Mymble True those shorts (and the shirt) were available last year, and were quite popular! There was even a matching dress as well!!


Carolmarie It's just triangles pieced together to create rows and then you sew the rows together!!


Joke I am obviously riding the wrong fashion train:)


Mymble According to taste, I think you might have been on the right one wink


Mymble Joke if that outfit is the current fashion train I so do not want onboard!!! ;-). But as a quilt it is gorgeous!


Carolmarie the piecing triangles part has been posted if this helps show how it's done:


I would use it, too much work not to, and trim much easier! And it looks beautiful.


I agree with True--use it for sure and trim it down. It's really beautiful; can't wait to see it finished!


Joke , I'm glad someone else commented before I did. My first thought was TRIM. There's so much work here already.

How does it finish, with straight sides? If so, then trimming is definitely the answer in my book.

I love it all and I know it's been tons of work. Such color and movement here!


I agree with everyone else - I would trim and use all three sections.


I think it looks absolutely gorgeous...I would not shorten it as it is not a wall quilt so who will notice proportions when all cuddled up enjoying it??!!


That backing fabric is perfect, what a gorgeous quilt.


Wow awesome guess is the waviness is the stretching of the fabric as we sew. You have a lot of bias edges going on and even when super careful they can stretch. It sure is an amazing quilt.


True Skynme Thanks!!

That makes sense about the bias edges, True . Good thing it's sitting on my bed and not on the Quilt Police's wall ;)


It looks great!


HawkFan thanks!! I love staring at all the colours

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