Happy Hour by Mymble


Happy hour


This is a lap quilt using Soho Chic by Sandy Gervais.

 I used a charm pack and 2 yards of the crosshatch in different hues. The Crosshatch has got to be one of my favorite all time "reads like a solid" print.
It's hourglass blocks that I then framed and then set in sets of four, and when I put it together this is what I got...whew! talk about winging it.  I did some preliminary separating by color to ensure that I would at least have some kind of pattern, but I didn't know how it would all turn out...fun!  I am sure there is nothing new in this as just about every block combo out there has been done in some form or other, but for the sake of giving it a name I am calling it Happy Hour

Top is complete, now on to a back with the extra blocks and whatever else I can find that will work, and a pieced binding I managed to eke out of every last bit.

Update November 19, 2014 - Finished- used a slightly more intense crosshatch purple for the binding, and used the extra pieces for stripes in the back- its wonky but I was determined not to buy anything for it- just use what I had.  I did stitch in the ditch- kept it simple for aesthetic and practical reasons- aesthetically they say simple quilting with complex patchwork- so that seemed right at least for this, and b) I am on a finish the WIPs before 2015 kick and this one was in line to be done :)))

I love the teal and purples together- I don't think the photos can adequately convey just how intense these colors are- this will be the one I grab for hanging out on the couch in front of the fire this winter!!!


wonky back :)
In its resting place when I'm not using it!
top assembled





This is filled with wonderful colors and I love the design you came up with...beautiful!


The combination of colors really is beautiful and I love the change of your hourglass block. Nice work!


True Thanks Mary- this collection has really beautiful deep saturated colors- (hope to get some better pics as I go along)...made it wonderful to work on. The design just sort of happened, but I figured the color sorting would result in some kind of pattern- it was fun to see it develop.


Kathie Thanks Kathie- it was really fun to work with these fabrics and the block is a fun one- not too complex so the prints get to shine:)


Carolmarie Thanks Carol-the design just sort of happened as all my space to lay anything out disappeared in the renovations and I just had to wing it. The process of seeing how it developed was really fun.


It is fun- definitely more so if you are not on a deadline, and it's not a gift- this has been in the works for a while, and of course I had the fabric sitting around for a while before I even started- just looking at it. I thought about HST's but I do a lot of them, so hourglass just seemed a bit more interesting ...then it just snowballed.




HawkFan Thanks Audrey!


So pretty! It always takes me a while to see the design and then when I did it was an Aha moment. Great colors too!


Terryt1955 Thanks terry- yes, I had an aha moment with this one too- so fun as I wasn't sure if it was going to be "ah ha"...or arghhh!


Oh this is so beautiful. I love the fabric and pattern.


Another beautiful quilt from your quilting room. I wish I could be as prolific with my quilting as you are.


Ohh the back is fabulous - I like it almost more than the front, though pink is absolutely not my colour ...
Is that your reading corner?


Really a gorgeous quilt...just love the colors such a great combo!!


I have the perfect book to read in your corner. When is tea?


Beautiful fabrics and beautiful quilt. Great finish on this one!!


Great finish - the binding adds a great pop of color on the edges


Beautiful quilt ! It will bring colors in your house !


Capetowngirl Thanks Candice- actually I feel as slow as molasses- but if I seem prolific- remember I don't have children at home any more :)- just hubby and mom- so I have to stay out of trouble some way ;))))- definitely was not doing all this when we were in full homeschooling mode :)


Strandkorbtraum Thanks Leo- the back does make me smile- its so hard to see in the photo but the raspberry color is very intense. This was actually where my mother in law used to sit every afternoon before she went to live with her daughter in South Carolina, and we had a rug and a portable heater nearby to make that area toasty. Now, I use that corner in the summer and spring, but not as much in the winter time as the room is chilly without the heater.


Terryt1955 Ha ha- I'll turn up the heat, get you a footstool and put the kettle on!


Skynme Thanks Erica- I was really happy to finish this!


HawkFan Thanks Audrey- it did work out- couldn't get the exact crosshatch again, but the deeper color really brightened it up- I like when happenstances work out like that!


Florence Thank you -yes it is a beautiful collection of prints- sometimes I mix collections but this particular collection is a brilliant combo of pattern and color and plays together so nicely it was just so fun to piece.


Luv the colors ;-)

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