Leftovers Skirt - A Tutorial by Batsy


Sewing for Kids


After finishing the Sweet Pea Dress I had bit of swaddle left so I decided to make a skirt for the little girl. 

Fabric: leftover Aden & Anais swaddle and leftover brown slug jersey from the A&A Sweet Pea Dress

Pattern: a bunch of rectangles. Not very exact or anything but this is what I did. 
Waistband - Hip plus ease wide x desired (what looked right) hight. I folded the whole thing in half to make the elastic casing.
Skirt - max hight x max length I could get out of the remnant of swaddle, I then cut it in half so pocket could be added in the side seams.
Pockets - what I could get that would fit a child's hand folded in half.
Skirt lining - same hight as skirt minus about 1/2" x hip plus ease.

Sewing: Prep sewing - instead of serging I folded the short edge of the skirt and the pocket opening edges of the pockets for a clean finish. (I don't have my serger set up yet and didn't what to have to do so). I then did a french seam on the bottom of the pockets ending 1/2" from the open edge. 
Adding pockets - I seamed the open edge of the pockets to the side seams with at 3/8" SA and the under stitched the SA to the pocket. Next it sewed the side seams with a 1/2" SA. 
Waist band - I seamed the single seam with 1/2" SA making a tube. I then folded it in half. And place the seamed elastic inside. 
Joining the two - I used a double line of gathering to match the skirt to the waist band. I then basted the two together with a 3/8" SA. This just kept things more stable and manageable to put the lining in. 
Lining - I seamed the single seam making a tube. I then seamed it to the waistband/skirt combo with a 1/2" SA. I kept the SA facing down towards the lining and under stitched it in place.  


Leftovers skirt
Clean finish raw skirt edge
Clean finished open edges and french seamed bottom edge
Pockets sewn to side seams and under stitched
ide seams completed
Waist band and elastic seamed
Waistband folded over with elastic inside ready to be sewn to skirt
Double gathering rows on skirt ready to be sewn to waist band
Waist band basted to skirt
Lining seamed to skirt
Lining under stitched with SA facing down



You can download the project as JSON data.Download JSON