Dorm Wall Hanging by HawkFan




My daughter recently got her college housing assignment for next year. In fact, it's the house she'll be living in for the next 3 years. It's quite a production finding out where you'll live, with festivities starting around 5:30 a.m. and as a huge fan of the Harry Potter books, she referred to it as "sorting". The mascot of her house is a polar bear, there are 5 of them in her housing group, and the house colors are crimson, black and white. Thus this wall hanging was born. I used different white-on-white fabrics for each bear although you can't see them in the pictures. She's a swimmer and with her approval, I used a fabric that had white dots in waves across the fabric to represent her swimming. That's the bear in the middle. Other whites included one with numbers and one with letters. I worked on the front when she was home over spring break and got her input on it. However, I wanted to surprise her with what I put on the back. Since she mentioned "sorting" I knew I wanted to include a sorting hat and the Hogwarts shield. I changed the red on the shield to crimson. I can't find the actual pattern I used for the shield but Fandominstitches has one very much like it. I provided the link to the pattern for the sorting hat. I made a mistake on the hat but I noticed it too late to easily fix it and while it bugs me, it's OK as is. The polar bear pattern is from Sipiweske Quilts


Finished wall-hanging
sorting hat for the back
close-up of Hogwarts shield on back
back of wall hanging
sorting hat on the quilted back





I just love the polar bear pattern! It's cool for a dorm room, but also looks like it would be right at home at a cozy cabin.


This is beyond wonderful..the time and thought you put into each aspect of it is so loving and how fun! Plus it is gorgeous:-)


So so amazing...and inspiring... I have a feeling the House is going to want some more decorations from you when they see this beauty...just wonderful!


sew_what Thanks. I hadn't thought of it as cabin decor but you're right!


True Thanks Mary. I probably over think sometimes but my daughter and I are a lot alike so it works. I am not happy with it - I had major issues with the pattern and if I were giving to anyone outside my family I would seriously rework it but I want to get it to her and I know she'll be happy with it, wonky as it is


Thank you Mymble - The dorm/house she's assigned to is really far from classes and practice but the rooms are huge so she might have room for more decorations.


Wow, what a one-of-a kind wall hanging. No one else is going to be able to buy that in the bookstore! And I have a feeling you're going to be making quilts and more pillow for her housemates. Will she be in a single? Or will she be sharing with other swimmers?


Polar bears are my favorite!!! Love that you made this for her with her house as the theme. What a thoughtful and very special gift. LOVE it!!!!


Terryt1955 thanks! She won't know about her room until August but she'll likely have her own bedroom, either as a single room or as part of a 2BR suite. They "block" together meaning they pick up to 7 others they want to be with in the same house. The other 3 in her "block" are guys so the most she'll "room" with is one other person. She stayed away from living with other swimmers which I think is healthy. She absolutely loves her teammates but spends so much time with them already. Her other roomie is a girl she was randomly assigned to live with this year and they got along very well. She's currently in a 3BR suite with 4 other girls


Skynme Thank you Erica. She's always so appreciative of what I make for her so that makes it that much more fun to do


Love this, Audrey! Very creative...and fantastic colors!!!


Caribousmom Thanks Wendy. It was a fun project


Great idea. I want to go to Canada to see the Spirit Bears. They are white grizzlies. I am going to adapt your idea to inspire me to take the trip. Thank you for sharing.


Thank you grammyp - I hope you do take the trip - come back here and share if you do!


Carolmarie Thanks Carol. She said her blockmates are excited to see it.


Carolmarie I haven't gotten too much of that but I made fairly elaborate Halloween costumes for the kids when they were little and others have wanted to borrow them. I worried a little because I've saved them all and I didn't want them damaged.

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