Cat harness by Tenar




A few months ago we started taking our cat for walks.  We're city dwellers, she doesn't have a garden she can just walk into, so this is the best option, and we all really enjoy the walks.  After attempting to find a cat harness that would fit Ninja, and not getting all that far, I decided to make my own.  The walking jacket design that a few people are selling is the most sensible, so I based it on that. 

One side is a nice practical tan needlecord, and the other side is the most hi-vis fabric I could find, a light orange batik with a rough stripe.  I added piping made from reflective tape, which was a bit tricky (I've never done piping in my life, or worked with stretchy tape) but turned out very nicely indeed.  It's enough that it's very visible when light shines on it, but it doesn't dazzle you in the daytime.  The hi-vis side is very useful for evening walks, and she's clearly visible even when she dives under shrubs.

The D-ring is on a bit of webbing which runs inside the harness for a while. I stupidly put it all the way along the harness, then realised that this made it like a corset, with a rigid spine, so I opened up the harness and cut the webbing down to more sensible proportions.  The long strips of velcro on the straps make it very secure, and while she's had a few adventures in it, she's never got out of the harness.

My photography is awful, and the harness is now crumpled and covered with cat hair so it's not looking its best in the pictures, but trust me, it looks very nice on the cat, and more to the point, is comfortable and secure.

Hand-sewn, with thanks to the members of The Sewing Forum for cheering me on and telling me it was possible.






Thanks for sharing the design process! The harness is very professionally done. You have an adorable cat.


Thank you! I became one of her designated ambulatory tin openers by starting to go out with her other minion last July, and the three of us now live together between our two flats. I am very much in love with both of them. The puir wee beastie hasn't been walked since Saturday, though, since we humans have the flu, so she's a smidgen restless.


This is such a fantastic little harness for Ninja, and I am sure she loves taking walks with you. You did a great job on this!!!


This is wonderful. Love it!


What a great idea. I have an indoor cat and have toyed with the idea of getting her one of those little screened in strollers but this is so much better. She would get some exercise but wouldn't be able to get loose. Great job.


I find strollers for cats quite weird, to be honest! Read up on lead training and buy a good quality jacket-style harness that fits snugly. Ninja got used to it very quickly.



Yes, I am sure the boys would love it too....Hahaha

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