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Fresh bloom from pillow pop


This is the May pillow for the Pillow Pop group.

I have to say, that I was not all that excited about making this first. The project in the book is really scrappy - so scrappy that it was hard for me to visualize the flowers that it was supposed to represent. So I decided to do two things: reduce the amount of colors that were being used (I picked three colorways), and make fewer of the circles (I did about half of what the designer did). I used orange, yellow and gray, and careful placement of those colorways to better represent a bunch of flowers.  My circles are also more "organic" than the pattern (this is another way to say that I was not all that careful about making sure that my circles were completely round, and I trimmed a bit haphazardly not being too concerned with having the circle nest perfectly). And I am really happy with the result.

This is the first time I have used fusible web and I found it easy to use. I carefully stitched around the edges of each of the "petals" and then did some additional echo quilting to stabilize the whole thing

I should also mention that because I used fewer circles, I made my center piece about 2 inches smaller than the pattern and then increased the border to make up the difference.

The back is pieced and utilizes a hidden zipper, but I did not put a binding on this one.

This pillow measures 20" X 20" finished.


Quilting Detail
hidden zipper
3 Spring Pillows: April, May, June





Love the fabrics you used. I think you made the right choice in minimalizing on this one. I also felt that the original design was too scrappy and the bloom was lost. This looks gorgeous, you did yet another amazing pillow. Love it!!!!


Skynme Thanks, Erica. I felt really overwhelmed before I started this one...and I knew I just had to change things a bit for my own design sensibilities. Glad you liked what I did!


Ok I hated this pillow...could not imagine anyone wanting to make one. And then I saw yours and my whole view changed! This is gorgeous and wonderful and please send it to me;-). I may have to rethink what pillow I should make to go with niece's quilt now I have seen yours. Lovely.


True LOL! Thank you, Mary. I have to admit, I was dreading this one and didn't love the one in the I challenged myself to put my own spin on it so I could love it :) I actually enjoyed making it...which totally surprised me! Glad you like it too!


You are truly talented to be able to take a pattern you dislike and visualize it done differently and pull it off so well. Amazing!


I did not like this pillow in the book but I love yours!!! Great fabric and great job outlining the circles. I totally love, love the back!!!!!!


This is gorgeous - well done. Love the colours and fabric choices


Love your version of this pillow and the colors are beautiful.


LOL, it seems everyone thought this was ugly in the book. And it is! But you did a wonderful job of simplifying it so that the blooms really bloomed. There was no way I was going to make this BEFORE I saw yours. And with all this lovely yellow and gray you had better definitely hide it from Quilt455 !!!


HawkFan Thanks, Audrey blush

Quilt455 I had a feeling you'd like this one, Cathie, with all that yellow and gray :)
Capetowngirl Thanks so much!
ArloDeanQuilts Thanks, Belinda!
Carolmarie LOL. Thanks, Carol. I hope that I have motivated some others to make their version of the pillow.
Terryt1955 I hope the author doesn't read this thread! LOL. Are you going to try this one, Terry?


Caribousmom you have definitely motivated me to make another pillow. Love the order the simplifying gave the pattern.


Drnic2c thanks so much! I knew I had to simplify it...otherwise it was just not going to work for me...and I am so happy that my tweaking of things worked out so well!


Well the author should invite you to make pillows the next time. That is if she isn't threatened by you!


Wendy,you are a genius to recreate this pillow!Love the colors you chose and the two grey circles with the leaf print look perfect! Awesome job!

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