If You're an Adult, You Get a Potholder 2014 by Speattle


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We have a family party each spring to celebrate the extraordinarily large number of birthdays that happen in April and May.  I like to try to bring small gifts for all those with birthdays who are attending the party.  This year all the adults on the list are getting a homesewn potholder.  The bread and coffee fabrics are leftover from a few potholders I made last year.  I'd purchased a half yard of each and I was still able to get more potholders out of it.  The Seattle print fabrics were from some fat quarters I had in the stash.

Each of these has a combination of Insulbrite and Cotton Batting inside.  I used different kinds of stitching on each one to quilt it.

I didn't use a particular pattern.  Just cut out 8 inch squares and layered them with the filling, put in a narrow loop at the top, stitched, turned and quilted.

I might keep one of these for myself!


"Bread" side up.





Funny name!! Cute potholders!! What do the children get???


I've made pillowcases for my 3 young nieces who's birthdays are all in April or May. I gave one away last week because I went to her kid birthday party. There will be another one who had a birthday yesterday there on Sunday, so she will get her then. The third one who has a birthday next month won't be there this weekend. I should have just brought hers to her sister's party last week.

The one nephew who has a birthday next month is getting a purchased shirt on which I machine embroidered a Seahawk emblem and the number "12" on it (for the "12th Man").

Thank you for your comments. I don't really have to do anything for the adults, but I wanted to do something small. 2 more family members with birthdays this month are my brother and sis in law and they live out of state. I sent a package earlier this week with the green and yellow zipper bag in my studio feed for my sis in law, and some Trader Joe snacks for my brother. Again.... just little things.



Above comment for you. I forgot to hit reply.


Speattle Nice! Fun pillowcases are great presents for anyone. And I love Trader Joe anything, when we can get to one.



I think not having a handy TJ would be a deal breaker for me in any home I would purchase in the future. I'm addicted! Mine is just a couple of miles away and less than a 10 minute drive.

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