Ben's car quilt by Sagebrush


Top Assembled


10 year old Ben said he liked dark blue and cars. All of the fabrics in the quilt top are reclaimed from men's shirts. I was thrilled beyond words when I found the oversized Hawaiian shirt with the classic cars... it meant I could include the car theme without Ben growing out of it soon.

I also made sure to save as many of the pockets as I could. The quilt includes both squares that are functioning pockets and ones that look like pockets, but are in reality the bottoms of the pockets. Because of the pockets, I will be quilting this quilt top with just stitch in the ditch, rather than a design.

The medium blue stripe fabric I would not use anything like again. The tags had faded such that I didn't know beforehand, but once I started sewing it together, I realized it must have been polyester. It frayed/shredded terribly where there were cut edges, and I ended up doing a second seam around each edge to prevent it from later ruining the quilt. It also doesn't iron easily, because it seems to almost stick to the iron.

I also realized too late that I really should have starched the fabrics before cutting them (we were rushing because it was part of a project with lots of quilts needed). Some of the fabrics were made of a looser weave than others, so they stretched and twisted more as they were cut and as they were sewn, so I wasn't able to get the joins as perfect as I would have wanted them to be. I will definitely be doing that with the rest of the fabrics that I haven't yet cut for his brother's quilt, which will be the same design, but in orange and blue, and no theme fabrics.






What a darling quilt! Love the use of pockets and those vintage cars are so cool. Ten year old Ben will be bringing this with him to college!


Love, love your quilt...  Lucky Ben

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