Birthday bathing suit for Miss A. 2014 by Speattle


Sewing for Kids
Kwik sew 3606


I made her a bathing suit a year ago when she was a newborn.  Well.... she grew this year---a lot!  So of course she needs a bigger suit.  I love this pattern because it has the racer back and longer legs for more coverage and protection from the sun.  Baby comes from fair stock and we don't want sunburns.

The fabric was interesting.  I got it on a great sale the other day at Pacific Fabrics.  It was on the flat fold tables and there was a 50% off for swim suit fabrics there.  I got a 2+yard piece for $6.00!   This will be enough to make loads of bathing suits for all my granddaughters for several years, I think.

Now, the downside was this.  I got the fabric home and ready to cut and noticed some blue discolorations running through the piece.  I was able to cut out this suit without the blue marks, but wanted to see if I could get the rest of the yardage clean.  So I washed it on warm water with Tide.  As soon as the water came into the washer, I could see some of the hot pink and orange bleeding a lot.  I put in a color catcher and let it go. 

When it finished the fabric had gone from hot pink to medium pink and orange to yellow.  The color catcher was a deep orangey-red.  Talk about over dye!  But the blue bits were gone too, so yay!  I had already cut the swim suit up and so sewed it.  I took a picture of the unwashed swim suit with the washed fabric and color catcher just for posterity. Then I washed the swim suit to get the extra dye out of it too.

Sure glad we didn't find out about the color bleeding at the pool! 


You can see the difference in the color of the flowers after washing!
swimsuit before washing. Compare to the washed fabric and the color catcher to see the amount of color bleeding in the wash!



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