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I made this pillow as part of the May Pillow Pop Challenge.  It was one of the easiest so far in the Sew Along.  I decided to change it up a bit (don't I always??) by using a grey rather than a white background; also used some scrappy squares instead a planned set of colors as prescribed in the pattern.

Once I had the pillow top done, I tried and tried to get a good look at the quilting the designer had done but I just couldn't tell what he had done.  There was such a big blank space right there in the center, I decided to have some fun with free motion quilting.

I used the "Square Flower" FMQ design by Lori at Inbox Jaunt blog and also her "Variations on the Square Flower".  The center of the pillow was not a square but a rectangle so I couldn't fit four complete Square Flowers so I alternated a "Square" and a "Variation" or partial flower with some FMQ squiggles and swirls all around the scrappy blocks.  I was really enjoying the process so I just kept going all over the pillow top, leaving only the scrappy squares with no FMQing.

I put a zipper in the bottom of the pillow this time and used piping around the edges rather than the border/binding so many of these designers call for.  I think the piping kicks it up a notch.  The zipper in the bottom means that it is almost invisible when on a chair or couch and the back looks lovely to without interruptions.  

I used a grey/white crow fabric for the back that I really like.  I may keep this pillow instead of giving it to the daughter whose living room couch is brown. 


Don't Be Square
May "Don't Be Square" pillow
"Square Flowers and Swirls FMQ
Don't Be Square back





What a great variation on the theme- love your quilting and super fabric choices!


What a great pillow...your quilting is incredible!! And I just love your backing fabric.


Oh and what a great new picture for your profile:-)


I love it!!! Beautiful fabrics and quilting!!!


Beautiful variation of this pillow. I am obsessed with greys and use it often. I love how you put the zipper at the bottom. I may have to steal that idea! Also, great new profile picture!


True and Carolmarie , thanks about the profile. I tried to crop it for this use but it didn't seem to want to accept it so you get to see my dear son too.

Mymble , Skynme , cally68 plus Mary and Carolmarie. Thank you! I never used to choose grey for anything but I have come to love it and want more of it. Mary, the crow material was a surprise find and I bought a yard...just because....I love it. Thank you all for the kind words on the quilting. I do enjoy FMQ, especially on smaller projects where the fabric is more managable.

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