Charity Blocks and Quilts June-December 2014 by Clairealex


In Progress


It just seems good to group these together--by finish date not start date. Most are quilts I've made from block lotto winnings. Some are blocks I've entered. Most for Sunshine, a Yahoo group.  The lilac print block and the small flower partner are my May submission. The two quilts were started in 2010 and 2011, but finally quilted and bound. They are going to a foster care mom instead of the usual Sunshine destination. I'm using these charity quilts to practice Free Motion Quilting. The purple and yellow lotto quilt is quilted with Leah Day's "Hobbit Holes." The other May quilt is quilted with her "Paper Clips"

Getting around to posting photos of Sept and Oct lotto blocks.  I won the pot in Sept, but don't have photo of the group yet. They are in creative incubation. A friend gave me the novelty center fabric, and I thought the mixed solids went well. Sept's theme is Brights. At the give-away table at guild I found black and white blocks that were 9 x 9; Lotto blocks need to be 12 x 12 finished. And the color for Oct is Red in addition to black and white. Gave me a chance to play with slice and insert for the group of three.  The singleton was started to be all equilateral triangles, but because of a math error they wouldn't end up 12 x 12, so I redesigned.

Finished up 8 doll/teddy bear quilts for Fire Fighters' Toy and Joy .  If I get other projects finished it time, I'll try for an even ten. Almost all from Lotto blocks I've won over the years and made with quilt-as-you-go. Don't love the method (assembly is boring) but like using up scraps of batting and practicing FMQ on small pieces.

#7 and #8 are made by "birthing" instead of binding, minky fabric backing and minimal quilting--my usual approach to doll quilts. #8 is made from a set of 2 1/2 inch squares that were part of a retreat welcome package--it is 16 x 16 because that is the size of the minky. The others are 20 x 20. Pinwheels in #7 are from bonus triangles in making the points of the star.


Doll Quilt 8
The rest of October's offering
Part of October offering
September offering
Lotto quilt--finished May 2014
Back of May lotto quilt
Center from blocks received in multiples of 3 inches
May lotto offering #1
May lotto offering #2
Doll quilt 1
Quilting doll quilt #1
Doll quilt 2
Doll quilt 3
Quilting doll quilt 3
Doll quilt 4
Doll quilt 5
Doll/Teddy bear quilt 6
Doll quilt 7





What an amazing charity to donate to. Love the backing on that lotto quilt. These are going to be a very special gift for someone. Great job!


Skynme It is a good one. One of the two groups that they send to, Wrap a Smile, has just passed the 20.000th quilt sent.


Clairealex Great quilts for a great cause!


Nice job Claire!


The colors caught my eye as well as the sampler theme. I love the quilting patterns too. Very nice.


Charwirfs , Jodyrose Thanks.


Love how this came out- wonderful!


The back and white with the sliced red inserts are really striking! It's all amazing, but they are my favorites.

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