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These will be for my daughter's second birthday in November. She'll be about ready for a regular bed I think, so pillows make sense. I'm using the same fabrics that I did for her Apatosaurus toy. The main part of one is flannel while the main part of the other is regular cotton, so she can use either the "warm" pillow or the "cool" pillow.
She'll also get some books (Wiener Wolf and Wombat Walkabout are two that we discovered at the library; more might be added) and an afghan that I knit her.
I'm also going to enter these in the Evergreen State Fair this August. Wish me luck! Update: third place, which is like getting a C. Oh well! I like them, and LJ likes them.

Also pictured is the collection of the baby things I made LJ. She has  a Susan’s Squares Baby Blanket (right of the pillow), a Zig Zag Blanket (left of the pillow), a Susan’s Squares Afghan (under the pillow), and an Everybody’s Hat. I used yarn left over from these to make the ornaments (Oh Balls! pattern on Ravelry), plus some left over gold yarn from a teapot cozy I made for the toy tea set. The tea set is breakable, so not a baby thing and therefore not pictured. She can play with it when she’s older. I also sewed the cube toys and the Apatosaurus toy.





Oh, I am looking forward to seeing these.


I love how these pillow cases look and how she will have a choice of the warm or cool. Besides so comforting to have a pillowcase that mama made to lay her little head! Good luck at the fair, I will keep my eyes out for them.


Thanks, J; that's very sweet! I'm really happy with how they turned out. I know LJ will like them because she picked the fabric!


Hoping to get to the fair next week so will keep an eye out for your things! ferris_wheel grin


Thanks! My sewing stuff got all thirds (with the Dutch sysem, that's like a C grade in school). But I got some first place ribbons in knitting!


I love the idea of using different fabrics on each side. I just might have to steal thast one and make some pillowcases for my girls. Love the fabric and in my favorite color too.


You can buy the Laurel Burch fabric online many places. My favorite place to order is which has its store located in my home state of Washington.

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