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I wanted to try out a paper-piecing technique I just learned about so decided to make a block from Julie Hirt's blog:   I picked out a block she named "Bowie" after David Bowie, the rocker.  She did a whole series of blocks she named after rockers.

The "No Tear" paper-piecing technique is awesome.  I found it so easy and it saved time and mess.  I watched a video on YouTube put out by  If you just search YouTube for No Tear paper-piecing, it will pop up.
It seemed so easy to follow and there was no mess of tearing up little pieces of paper after you finished the block.  That alone was enough for me to give it a try. 

Once I had the block done, I liked the colors so much I decided to turn it into a pillow - for me.  All the other pillows I've been making this year were for my daughter's living room so this was fun to keep.

I did piping which I just thinks adds an extra element of professionalism to a pillow and it's such an easy process.  There are tutorials online that will demo how to do piping if you are interested.  It's no more difficult than putting in a zipper.

I did put a zipper in the bottom of the pillow. 


"Bowie" block
quilting lines
FMQ circles
bottom zipper




What a great pillow! Will have to look up video and watch it:-) Thanjs


True , thanks. It's a good video and pretty easy to do compared to the more tradition way. I love the no tearing at the end of the project!


Nice pillow !
I don't know the "no tear" paper-piecing ... I'm running to youtube ...


Love the pillow and plan to check out the no tear process when I get home from traveling. Sounds great and I so appreciated it when you mentioned it in your blog


Florence , I know you are going to love the "No tear: paper piecing" and HawkFan , you will definiltely want to check it out when you are done traveling. You are going to like it, I think. I sure do.
Thanks for the nice comments, gals.


Quilterinmotion I like the method but ... my sewing machine refuse to sew without thread ... snif !


Florence , I wonder if you could sew with just top thread in and just pull it out? That's a shame!


Quilterinmotion i don't know ... I will try later ... Thanks for the suggestion !

You can download the project as JSON data.Download JSON