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Maryanne's quilt


Last fall a co-worker asked me if I would be willing to help her finish a quilt made by Mary Anne Lanagan Harrison, her great, great grandmother as a surprise to her mother, Jean Barbara Marson Hayes.  She brought it to work and we unfolded it across a large conference room table to look at.  I could see it had been hand pieced and hand quilting had been started but never finished.  She wanted to know if I would be willing to finish the hand quilting and bind it.  I could see there were some repairs that needed to be made due to a hole in the top of the quilt as well as some of the fabric looked to be tearing.  I told her I would take it home and work on it over the winter.  Well, winter came and I ended up having to have knee surgery so that delayed me for quite a while as I healed.  

On Easter weekend, I finally was able to lay the quilt out and take another good look at it.  The quilt top had more tears than I realized and once I really got it in my hands, I realized there was no way the quilting could be finished.  Certain prints were very brittle and if you weren't careful, they would continue to tear.  I talked to her and she agreed we would leave it as is, but I would just add the binding to it.  I carefully brought it with me to the quilt store on a slow day and as luck would have it, my husband and I were the only customers in the store.  The clerk, Kim, was wonderful and helped me find reproduction fabric to match the quilt.  I ended up having to replace four strips due to the damage and they were also in the same square so the strength of that particular square was at risk of literally ripping out.  The strips I replaced were then cleaned up and used to repair four more strips of the same fabric.  I found some light brown reproduction fabric at the same quilt store to use for covering the hole in the quilt top.  I also made a label for the back that traced the lineage of the quilt from the maker to it's current owner.  I managed to have enough original material left over from the front border, after it was trimmed, to bind the label with.  I also tucked several good sized of the border and backing under the label for future repairs should they be needed.

I love the colors she used and especially the pops of bright green and orange fabrics she added.  Overall, I would have to say this was an amazing opportunity to work on such an old quilt.  I can't help but wonder how long it took Mary Anne to hand piece the quilt.  I envision her stitching on the front porch in a rocker during the warm summer months and huddled around the fireplace during a cool fall/winter evening.  The love and time that went into stitching this quilt is amazing.  I'm grateful for the opportunity to contribute to this quilt.  The date it was started is unknown as well as when she stopped working on it and tucked it away.  It's been handed down through the family for generations.  

Lineage of the quilt:
Hand pieced and quilted by
Mary Anne Lanagan Harrison
Augusta, Maine
July 14, 1838 - December 31, 1920

Passed to her daughters
Hannah Harrison
Hallie Harrison
Rose Jane Harrison Marson

Passed to her grandson
Brian Roberts Marson

Passed to her great granddaughter
Jean Barbara Marson Hayes






What a great project and gorgeous. I once "restored" a quilt of my ex husband's that his grandmother had used. We were able to use it for many years but eventually the old fabric was just to worn and we have to put it away. But I loved working on it and feeling all the history in my hands. We also love fairly close to each other:-)


Oops love mean live... Sorry about typo


True While hand stitching the binding on, I sometimes found myself mesmerized by the prints and wishing I knew more about the maker and the quilt. I would often, gently, run my hands over the prints and admiring them and their beauty. Yes, there is definitely something to be said about having such history in your hands.


True I've followed a lot of your wonderful works and often wondered how far or close we live to each other. LOL


Kathskrafts thank you...I live in very close!


True Oh my gosh, you really are close!!


What an amazing quilt to be passed down though generations. How thoughtful of you to help her finish something so wonderful.


I admit, I was both excited and nervous to be handling something so precious. I love the colors and prints she used. I can't wait to find out her mothers reaction when she gives her the quilt.

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